I witness…

 Sparkling lights in the dark
Crackling in the silent hour
Silver or gold maybe white
They were all so bright
I stared unblinking so amazed
At every sparkle I gazed
Devoid of hues intrinsic clues
But yet I felt I saw some blues
A li’l stunned I watched each phase
Colours flew in a sparkling haze
A spectacular sight it bewildered my eye
A smile it brought though I felt a li’l wry
I closed my eyes to banish it so
I thought it would all just go
A purple glow is what I saw
A lamp within is what I saw
With my eyes shut so tight
How could I see something so bright?
A shiver passed through as I felt a fear
A purple gleam I held it near
Was this my imagination?
Or was it an invitation
To explore and tread
Something I had never read
Was it a path inherent in me?
To glance within and to see
The laughter the sparkle
The chime and the crackle
With open eyes I could witness
A purple hue with golden harness
Elated I was, that was the prophecy
Remembrance I felt of the supremacy

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