Power of speech

Words just come out of our mouth and we speak…the power of speech!! This power has no control and words become ammunition in a gun, the ammunition that never runs out of stock.

From childhood we are taught words and trained to speak unlike animals that communicate by making sounds. We the polished humans know a lot of vocabulary and hundreds of languages. Communication has become important and speech is now an absolute necessity to survive.

How necessary are words? How necessary is speech?

A few minutes ago while I sat chanting my favourite mantra without uttering the sounds, I realised that speech is unnecessary. It does not mean people must stop talking. It just means people need to talk only as much as required and then shut the chatter.

When the chatter stops, then there is an external silence. And in this silence we can hear the inner chatter. But for how long will we hear the inner chatter? Not for long…When all the previous incidents and memories are relived once then the chatter stops. Then there is silence and it is this silence that we need to achieve.

Absolute silence, no sound, externally or internally. The sound of the heartbeat, the sounds in the stomach, the sounds that are not words!!

These are sounds of nature…so acceptable and are not creating further internal/external sounds. The unwanted chatter has to stop. It is time to stop talking actually.

Another reason why I felt that silence is truly golden is when I appointed a maid who is dumb and deaf. She is a sweet lady who is always smiling and goes about doing her work very deftly. She cannot hear external sounds, she has no idea what words are. She can feel the emotion another person may depict. She may cry when another cries or laugh when others laugh. Yet there is an innocence about this because words are missing.

She and I do have certain mini conversations using our hands and facial expressions as our tools to communicate. It is perfect and we understand each other well. In fact the other day she was expressing that I am a wonderful person and she enjoys working at my house. Atleast this is what I understood and assumed from her actions!!

See!! It is so simple. No complications at all. Words complicate our life as we usually go overboard and have verbal diarrhoea where words are released without our control. It creates hurts and we store the words like we store diamonds and yet when we throw our words we use them like bullets.

Words, if used must be used like precious stones. Only the barest minimal number of words must be used to express if at all necessary. We were not given the boneless tongue to spurt out unnecessary words. It was to speak, it was a power we received to use sparingly. Yet when I see around myself, and even when I look at myself I feel words have always been damaging and very rarely been useful.

When the words are Godly and the words are about spirituality and when the words are used to soothe pained hearts, then the words are diamonds. Other than that the words are either useless or are ammunition.

So choose the diamonds from the vocabulary we possess and use only as much as necessary. Silence outside, silence inside and then absolute silence where there is no place for words…

Can we achieve this? I want to…yet the love of my life is writing where I need to use words. Yet I can choose to write about God/spirituality and thereby make the right choice of words.

What about the words thrown at us? How do we tackle those? We must train our ears to hear and absorb limited words and then the rest can just slide out before they enter the heart.

We are so used to speaking that we not only speak to people at home, we speak to neighbours, shopkeepers, liftmen, watchmen and a lot of other people. Wishing others and smiling is enough, the rest of the conversation can most of the time be avoided.

We speak on weather, gossip about neighbours/relatives, discuss politics/news and a lot of words just flow without reason or use. These are just empty conversations where we use the words to pass our time. Is our time so useless? Don’t we have mantras/bhajans/hymns? Why not use our time for those?

Time lost is lost forever…Words thrown out cannot be retrieved…So careful…become aware of how we use words and how we use our time…

It is time now to take control of the power we have received. Like the Avengers were controlled by the UN and their power seemed just a waste unless the Assembly would decide to use it, we too need to take control of the Avenger called tongue that just lashes out unwanted words and speak sparingly and remain silent until the necessity is felt to talk!


3 thoughts on “Power of speech

  1. Precise! This post is very true…as we do tend to indulge in unwanted chatter all the time. Thank you for enlightening me about the importance of time and the ‘words’ I often or so frequently use…
    Wonderful and truly guiding post…:)

  2. This post Power of speech is so perfect. .on a day to day basis if we observe 80 % of what we speak is totally useless..only 20 % is important…people speak just for the sake of speaking…just for time pass….time which is so precious. …rightly said that speech is powerful and so words should be used like precious diamonds.

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