The Observer


What is the “Self”?

It is like asking “Who am I?”

The journey is to fulfill this very quest. The day one knows and experiences the self then self realization is attained.

When they say Mukti or Moksh, it is liberation. Liberation from what?

Liberation is from the understanding that all that is happening around, all that we can see including this body is unreal. Liberation from the unreal, from the illusions that are ever changing.

Seeking the permanent and letting go of the impermanent nature of sansaar is the journey.

One is  the self… But unaware.

The entire play or the game is all about awareness. If you are aware you know…yet if you want to experience then the mirror will have to be cleaned, the water in the lake will have to be cleared of the muck.

It is only when the water in the lake is clean and still that the reflection of the moon is clear. One can see in the depth what lies beneath…

When you look into the mirror…you see a reflection.

Is that you? Is the reflection you? Is the one on the other side, you?

The body, the image both are not you. The one seeing, is the jiva.

If the mirror is unclean, will not the image be hazy? Will the reflection be clear? No, yet the original will be clear and the image blurred…

You say you saw a dream. Who saw the dream? The body? No! It was lying there unconscious.

The one who is sleeping is doing various actions in the dream in a completely different scene. How is it possible? Who sees the dream? Who sees the one in the dream?

If you are in awareness, you can catch the one who is witnessing all this…

The one who witnesses, the observer, is the self.

The path is one and it is right. WE know it and there is no two ways…

There is no wrong path…

There are different methods to reach the destination, but the journey has to be undertaken by the jivatma.

It is possible with this body. So this body and the life becomes extremely precious.

The goal is clear. But the path is not clear and also not very easy. There is lot of muck on the mirror. It needs to be cleaned. The image has to be clear…

The mind is the mirror, the water in the lake is the mind, the anthakarna.

Once the anthakarana is cleared ( through purushartha/self effort), then the image is clear.

That day you will meet the self.

Instead of entering into too many doubts and affirmations, let us embark on the journey and find the self.

This is the journey for which we have taken birth and are in this human form.

Walk, do not be still for every moment that passes is gone. The life of this body is ruled by destiny and yet the length and depth of our spiritual journey is ours to traverse at whatever speed or flight we can manage.

Baby steps are better than just halting…

Self-effort is walking on the path shown by the Guru/Scriptures. Sewa, sankritan, satsang, simran.

Sing in the melody of the divine, sing for you know not who the self is nor who the divine is…sing for the connection to happen…Mira sang her way to liberation….

Sewa is service, unconditional and it should just happen…Service is the best way to cut the karmas…

Prefer to keep the company of the people who are on this path as then it will enhance your journey. If you want to learn a particular subject, don’t you hang around with people who know more about it so that you can learn through observation and asking questions and from their experiences…

Simran is to chant the name of the divine in every breath if possible. This cuts down karma drastically leaving you free to transcend and attain self realization.

The more you are in simran, the less you are creating thoughts- words-actions-

As of now let us follow on the dwaita that the divine is one and I am one…so duality…

As and how one transcends and gains wisdom, the duality remains no more and it becomes advaita.

The drop is no different from the ocean and yet It feels so…

That feeling of “I” has to go …dissolve and join the ocean and be one with the ocean. Until duality remains, the egosense remains. It is only when the egosense is dropped that the drop merges with the ocean….then who can see the drop? There is the ocean…Where is the drop?

Where is this “I”? Is it even there? Just a body clothed around the 5 elements having the triguna and hanging in the illusion of the anthakarana ( mann buddhi chitta ahamkar) weaving webs of illusions and getting more and more entangled in it…

The self witnesses this drama, this illusion, unaffected…nirvikalpa, niraakara, chidananda roopa shivohum shivohum…

Sat chit ananda is the true nature of the self –

The wave that rises feels I am separate from the sea. I am a wave…Is it? It creates its own separate identity and embarks on an illusionary travel agenda…only to realise that it is not what it assumed it was…Very soon it is merged in the sea. Then there is no wave…it is just the sea…

When the identity drops, the self is seen …

I once again request all the readers to read the script of Adi Shankara’s Nirvana shatakam or the Atma Shatakam…read it, chant it, sing it…till the true essence is absorbed…

Just google it and you will get the verses with the meaning…You will get the verses sung by many devotees/spiritual channels on youtube…

Adi Shankaracharya…he gave the ultimate wisdom through this Atmashatakam…


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