Self effort

Yesterday at the Nirmal satsang one particular point that was discussed, stayed with me.

It is something we all know either because we have heard it or we just know deep within.

Yet when Alpana didi stressed on the point, I took it up for introspection.

The point was “Whatever material gains (money, property etc.) we acquire is destined and we will get it anyway. Whereas the spiritual gain can be acquired only and only with self -effort (purushartha).”

So why then do we waste this entire life running after material gains and taking self-effort totally in that direction?

Is it because as soon as we take little effort we see the material gain in the form of money or property or whatever, while the spiritual gain is not quite physical or visible?

Progress in our spiritual journey is not dependent on destiny but on self-effort.

Also whatever progress we make it continues even after we leave this body. Whereas whatever level we achieved in our material world, we have to leave it behind.

Nothing, absolutely nothing is allowed on the outbound flight to the higher realms. Only the impressions remain and the progress on the spiritual path remains. Rest all has to be left behind….

Now is this not reason enough for us to understand exactly what the point mentioned above means? Is it not time now to just reflect and apply it?

Have we not wasted enough time in material pursuits which would be anyway achieved as per the destiny we have brought/created?

In fact, I have observed that while we walk on the spiritual path and self-effort is taken for the same, the material gains seem to come in quite easily with the least effort.

Now this is at least a very good reason for all of us to shift the self-effort from the material world onto the spiritual journey…Is it not?

Why does a doubt linger on? Spirituality is not about poverty…It is about acquiring with very little effort…

The entire effort must be for one’s spiritual progress even while we keep achieving laurels in the material world…

What’s the harm in giving it a try for a few months?

We are ready to strain and stress ourselves to acquire the material stuff which would be coming in any way as we are destined.

Why not take that much effort for the spiritual understanding and progress?

What we carry ahead must be worked for. Rest anyway does not matter.

We all need the basic comforts, but why do we need too many vehicles, too many gadgets, too many houses?

How much do we need? The needs will never end. And we keep postponing our entire journey for fulfilling our material needs which when death happens is left behind for others.

This is what leads us to punarapi jananam punarapi maranam…

As usual I feel that spirituality is highly misunderstood and is somewhere termed as lacking passion, emotion and direction.

More on this in my next post…


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