Generally when we listen to pravachans we hear “sam bhaav” “equanimity” and it creates dreadful images of a still sea, no waves, boredom and a flat emotionless existence.

Looks like I went overboard with so much description!!

Yet, I feel that any person who is much caught up in the worldly pleasures would fear the mere idea of a simple stable life.

The first thought that comes is “What about excitement? No thrill? No ups and downs? So boring!”

With my personal experience of being very much into the worldly life and the spiritual world, I would state with conviction that the excitement one feels in spirituality cannot be compared to any excitement or thrill that one feels in the world outside.

Also its permanent!

Emotions remain as sympathy changes to empathy. If one has not yet started the journey on the spiritual path, empathy is just a word and one can never feel it.

Now spiritual journey does not mean attending satsangs or doing some courses or finding a Guru.

All these are the tools to move faster on the journey. The journey is possible only and only with self effort.

However much a Guru or any courses that enhance the spiritual journey will work on us, unless we feel we want to walk the path, no one can lead us on it!

So the message comes from within. And until then there are more than a 1000 excuses why one does not want to walk on the path yet.

The fear of losing the worldly fun and pleasures being foremost. Believe me nothing is lost. The nectar of wisdom and the gyaan that once starts flowing within cannot match up with anything that the outside world has to offer.

Until then, surely it’s a tough journey. WE know about the nectar but haven’t tasted it and though it is tempting it is not visible whereas the world and its sweet temptations are much alluring to our 5 senses.

Gyaan amrit is the word used. Why? Because it truly is the nectar. If one tastes it even a little bit, there is no way one can then ever feel tempted or pulled to the sweet happenings in the illusionary world.

The passion about everything in the world outside only increases and yet the innermost, the self is stable. Emotions rise and fall, tears and laughter happen in waves and yet the self remains still.

It is only when the water in the lake is still that one can see the depth and all that lies there…

Spirituality is not losing your passionate and emotional nature. In fact walking on the spiritual path is possible for the emotional humans who are passionate about life.

The ones who are stark, practical and fixed traverse the path much later…

It is the innocent, the accepting, the loving and the highly emotional and passionate beings who begin their journey early and move ahead at a faster pace.

And once the nectar is tasted, then love just flows…

Even as the practical humans keep questioning as to what the need is to walk on the spiritual path and where it ends anyway, the ones who have the emotion of surrender will attain self-realisation!

Equanimity is about remaining stable in all situations and not creating the waves of unstable emotions.

It does not mean that one becomes boring or hard hearted human who has no emotions.

It just means that the person has understood the illusionary nature of the world and knows the difference between the real and the unreal.

The smile within is fixed permanently and there is no fear…

It does not mean that there would be no excitement, no fun, no laughter…

It would mean excitement, fun, laughter, joy with full awareness…100%

With no fear that the wave will go down and merge with the sea now…

No fear of rising or falling…with ‘sama bhava’ with ‘equanimity’ that what goes up will come down and though I will rise up and down as the waves happen, my emotions varying on the external level, the wisdom that the ‘self’ remains unaffected all throughout keeps me stable.

The right combination has to be achieved. Even as one sings with emotion, dances with excitement, cries tears of joy, the self watches the drama unveil…

The observer is the one who is stable…the rest of the action continues…

Once one understands who this observer is the entire play takes a completely different turn…

And that’s spirituality in its entirety…


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