The Haze






clicked at: Art of living ashram Bangalore

Where was I in this haze
Grey and blue like a maze
Streaks of orange and red
In a trance I was led
image courtesy: Anjali Sansare
Was it inside or outside
the haze now spread from all sides
Yet I saw a light so bright
In the twilight I saw light
Amidst the haze and color
In complete awestruck wonder
Even as it shook my demeanor
I knew then I had to surrender
The light attractive and bright
Was there, yet so far from sight
Lost I was I felt great plight
In this essence I sought delight
Was I a part of it
Or was it a part of me
That close it was
Now no longer sure
Was it all inside
or was it all outside
Where was this in entirety
In my mind or was it a dream?
Not yet sure where I was
Was the haze within me?
Where then was the light so bright?
I then knew…it was me…
I saw the infinite light
trapped in a haze of illusion
even as the haze moved aside
the colors no longer bright
All I could see with delight
Was a plain white light
Deep within with delight
joy and surrender felt so light





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