The waves lashing away
As I breathe I wonder who breathes
Who this I is and what breath is
If I hold my breath a bit longer
Will I then die or shall I linger?
Is the breath the actual me
Or am I just linked to the breath
Does the body breathe or is it me
At times I doubt its breath and body
That I am neither of the two
And yet I need and want the two
Will life end if I lose the two
Or is life independent of the two
Neither the body nor the breath
Who am I then I want to know
So closely I associate with the two
Then who the ‘I’ is that links the two?
In this body I feel unstable
Without it will I be stable?
A need a desire to move from it
And yet a fear holds me to it
Caught up in these doubts and fears
I dissolve in the self now unclear
All this now only seems a dream
As deep within a voice screams
The body the breath are but a dream
Let go of both… wake up from the dream
Arise and awake to end the dream
To see the real do disown the dream
The real is me and rest all unreal
Why then am I so close to the unreal
Is it me who is close or is it a reflection of me
It can’t be me as I am so real
My reflection moves ahead of me
Clinging to the body and to the breath
Weaving the dream all unreal
Believing that it is all so real
I shed the shadow the reflection
Moving away in a different direction
Even as I move away to higher realms
The reflection fades and shatters
The body then with no breath in it
Is some elements of earth and nature
The breath just vanished with no trace
Even as the reflection had no face
I looked upon unaffected untouched
Pure and divine the essence of me
Neither the dream nor the unreal
I dissolved in the true…the real

3 thoughts on “Real…Unreal…

  1. Beautiful poem…as a person goes deep into spirituality he realises that the body is unreal and only the soul is real. a poem with great depth.

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