Trapped in a web

The desire to transcend,

to ascend and know

 the true power of what I am beckons me.

Yet I feel weighed down, heavy with the obligations I carry.

If all this is the creation of my mind,

Will I have to fulfill these obligations?

Or I just need to create what I desire?

If desire is what leads to creation,

then ascension is a desire too…

to be one with the divine and merge

with the infinite consciousness is a desire too…

a burning desire…

When I just let go, drop everything, stop desiring…

will the world cease to be?

Will there be no creation for my eyes to see?

Even now is there a creation for me to see,

am I seeing a creation? Or is it just a dream?

How do I wake up? How long shall I live in a dream,

 creating vivid scenes of despair, laughter and hurt.

No longer I desire any of these extremes.

I think…finally I actually think

as to what exists,what does not 

who am I and where I need to end.

If only it were as simple…

yet something within hints

 that it is just as simple.

Just drop everything

 then there will be no burden…nothing.

Just a light merging with the super light.

Is light heavy?

 No, it is light as in brightness and light as in not heavy.

Where and all should I run to gain some experience?

 Is there a place where I can go and just be that light?

There is no place in the entire creation that will take me there. Why?

‘Coz I am already there?

I have surrounded myself with all clutter

 forgotten the entire reason of my existence.

I keep weaving webs of relations

 trapping myself further.

One snip and everything just falls.

Why then is that snip so difficult?

Why are those frails bonds so attractive and necessary?

The journey is of a higher calling

I need to move when the time is right

 not keep postponing it

 in the nonsensical pursuit of  material dreams.


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