Who is perfect?

Never leave a true relation for few faults…nobody is perfect. Nobody is correct at the end. Affection is always greater than perfection.

I received this message as a forward and it got me thinking about perfection. Is there anything or anyone that can be just perfect?

Perfection is an individual perspective and what may be absolutely perfect for me may not be for you. So it’s a vague term and cannot be generalized.

So we can conclude that the word perfect cannot be used as a measure.

Then again the ‘Never leave a true relation for few faults’ points to the words ‘true relation’. What is a true relation?

Is there a false relation too as an opposite? I always felt relations were just relations where we related to some or the other person in some manner. True and false would never be used as a tag to go with a relation.

The word here could be ‘Good relationship’. Good and bad would mean you are happy or unhappy in the relationship as you have some issues or expectations that are not fulfilled or vice versa.

The sentence that nobody is correct is actually correct! Nobody is either correct or incorrect as then again it’s an individual’s perspective of what is right of wrong.

Nothing is right or wrong….thinking makes it so…I had read this somewhere.

The last one that affection is always greater than perfection rings true. Affection is definitely greater and superior emotion and perfection is just a mathematical conclusion. Affection is positive and will turn the bad relations into good relations.

Expectations are the root cause for relationships to go off track. The more we expect the more we pressurize the other person and chances are that there will be times when the person may not be able to meet our expectations. This brings guilt, sorrow and anger.

Relationships are to be nurtured and there should be love, acceptance and forgiveness. As humans we relate and somewhere in this tough scenario that we are living in today, we are slowly losing our humanity.

We, instead of ascending stay rooted to our base nature and at times are no different than the animal world. We have a mind, we have the power of choice. WE can choose to love, choose to ascend to higher realms.

We have forgotten our true nature of peace bliss and love. We need to shrug off the negatives in ourselves and rise to divinity which is us…


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