How to remain positive in negative situations

Today I decided to make a presentation video and upload it on youtube.

Generally I enjoy writing and that is what I did! That is when my children decided to make a video and upload it on youtube.

Find the link below and will soon make some more videos on similar lines –

Happy watching!!

Here is the script of the same video:

How is it possible to remain positive in a negative environment?

This is a very commonly asked question.

We have read in the scriptures, listened to learned Saints and agree with what they say, want to do what they say but when we are facing the situation or in the situation, we find it difficult to do so.

Why does this happen?

The thought that

it is easy to say and difficult to do comes on our mind.

See for this we need to understand about the ‘self’ in detail.

Generally we listen to gyaan or knowledge and try to apply it in our life. It never works that way unless it is for saints who have begun their spiritual journey in the previous life.

We need to go step by step-

  • We must cleanse our physical body – the sthoola shareera.

This is possible through yogasana.

  • Next we must practice correct methods of pranayama – pranayama is not a breathing exercise.

It is regulating the  prana in the right manner.

  • As we practice yogasana and Pranayama we feel our body is suppler with the aches and pains reduced considerably.
  • This allows us to sit in one position for a longer time thereby allowing the prana to flow freely during pranayama and making us even healthier.
  • Now this relieves the mind of a lot of clutter making us more peaceful and calm.
  • This when practiced with discipline helps us meditate.
  • Meditation is not doing something. Meditation is a state- an effortless state of just being.
  • This again clears the mind further and makes us peaceful and calm.
  • Now when we listen to gyaan or read the scriptures the wisdom hidden in the words that we hear actually filters in as the mind has now become calm and clear.
  • Confusion is less, spirit of enquiry is more and the desire to learn and ascend to higher realms is growing.

So as you become calm you start emitting positive vibrations around you which generally will reflect in the environment around you. Yet at times when the situation outside is not to your liking you must be in your state of mind and not allow the outside actions to create a wave in your mind.

Still if you are not clear how to do it, I would suggest certain steps:

When something wrong or negative is happening and you are not a part of it and yet you are physically present in the situation

  • See if you can bring a change about by explaining to the concerned persons and trying to bring about a peaceful negotiation.
  • If not, if no on listens to you, sit and pray. You can chant mantras, play mantras and bhajans on a tape in a very low volume, read scriptures, listen to positive songs/bhajans/tunes on earphones. These are external devices that you will need to calm yourself and to hold you from becoming a part of the external situation.
  • Finally understand that it is a movie/TV serial that will eventually end. Give only that much importance as it deserves only that much.
  • If you too panic or behave negatively then you are becoming a part of the serial. Do you want it?
  • Being aware helps and to be aware at all times start working on the body, prana and mind…



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