Spirituality misunderstood

The desire to know the self, the desire to understand, the desire to experience the divinity that is the self has to be a burning desire and only then the answers will come…

Until the time it is a question, one will get an answer and it will generally be never satisfactory. It has to be a spirit of enquiry to receive wisdom.

The journey actually does not begin by being knowledgeable about facts or about scriptures. When the information is perceived it becomes knowledge and then experiencing the knowledge is wisdom. Knowledge can be different for different people as it depends on each one’s perception. Wisdom is one and is received or experienced directly from the higher realms.

For years one can be associated with Gurus and saints, be walking on the spiritual path and be practicing a lot of sadhana and yet you might never have the spiritual experience. All the while you were holding a match stick all ready to strike and never actually struck it and never actually seen the light.

Just holding the match stick brings in a lot of Ego. The fact that it is right on the tip of your finger gives immense joy and yet the bliss is missing because the next step is missing.

And that is burning your Ego. That day everything and everyone is burnt. What remains is the pure consciousness and that is self realisation.

The desire to experience has to be a burning desire.

Why does one feel that problems or difficult situations lead us to spirituality? How is it possible? We are spiritual beings. We are beings of love. Spirituality is us.

Spirituality is not actually a path or a method to follow.

It is not something to fall back on. It is to be in the essence of the self.

Actually a lot of people in trouble either physical/emotional or financial have looked for a solution and found some respite in either motivational talks or reading scriptures/bhajans or gyan satsang.

Spirituality is not a solution. It is highly misunderstood because of what we see around us.

Spirituality is finding oneself, finding the truth and has actually nothing to do with what is happening in our life.

When everything in our life is going good, we are so trapped in our material pursuits that we forget who we are and what the true purpose of our life is.

We feel we are blessed and so enjoy life thinking that God has been very kind to us and that we are able to enjoy the materialistic world because of our good karma.

This is just pulling a veil over your eyes. We are now in darkness understanding that happiness is being successful in the materialistic world. Yes, it gives happiness, but can anyone guarantee that it will be permanent atleast in this lifetime?

Suppose, just by chance everything is gone and you are a failure in your career or financially very low will you then turn towards spirituality or forums or ashrams?

What I have understood and experienced about spirituality is that “thou art that” as it is said “Tat tvam asi”.

So spirituality is not external or a rope to hang on to in troubled times, it is being in the self all the time. How does this happen?

Very frankly speaking we are currently in a time where most of us are facing some or the other kind of trouble. Unable to find a solution in the same state, we look for  relief somewhere outside. It is like if we have trouble at home, we seek friends or something outside of home. This is when we feel good visiting temples, ashrams and motivational organisations. Here we are in a crowd where positive vibrations flow. The vibrations make us feel good and we enjoy going to that place again. This feeling good feeling lasts only when you are in that company. After which for  some time you are able to face your day to day issues with a positive frame. Then again you need to go and collect those vibrations or ‘feeling good feeling’ for moving further in a right frame of mind.

This we thought was spirituality or walking on the spiritual path. This includes attending satsangs, kirtans, bhajans, forums, sessions etc. Tens and thousands of people are part of all this. You think everyone is self-realised?

They are there because they feel good and they feel that their solutions will come by. It does not! What actually happens is there is a shift in their mind set ( not of all the people – only some) and this helps them sail through this life in a better manner.

That is their journey. A person who has seen it all and had all the pleasures in life will finally reach a stage where he will put the question “Who am I” and “What is bliss?”

Gautam Buddha had everything. It was so much so that he felt at a point that if all this cannot give me happiness, then what can?

A person who is not a success, a person who has a lot of desires (unsatisfied) can never ask this question. It will never occur to him/her.

The desire to know, the desire to understand who I am, what I am, are the beginning stages of the journey. If the question never occurred to you then there is still time for the journey to begin.

A person begging on the streets will generally never think of all such questions. His thought will be of his next meal or drink. Is it not?

A person who is finely trapped in the materialistic world, having a wonderful time ( thinking that it is a wonderful time as surely nothing is permanent- the time won’t last for the entire life time) is unaware of all such enquiries.

He is attached to his roles and he is playing it well and feeling great about it. Nothing wrong in it! It is perfectly fine…Each one has his own agenda. We cannot interfere in anyone’s soul agenda.

Now this person who is completely into this world sees hints of dark clouds darkening his veil of happiness. The fear that this may be gone one day or how to hold on to the current state troubles him. He starts looking around and wants to feel positive, surrender his fear, feel happy and move on in life. When he looks around he sees all the troubled people at satsangs, people suffering from problems/diseases, sorrow etc. He wonders if the solution to his problem is there. He feels that solution is important.  And it is important.

Finally he chooses some front where he feels better and finds that slowly a solution to his problem will materialise. He or she then feels that they have become spiritual or are on the spiritual path.

This is the biggest misunderstanding about spirituality.

It is just like yoga. Yoga was never meant to be asanas. Now it has become dynamic yoga, power yoga!!!

Yoga was and never will be an exercise. Lord Krishna told Arjuna “Yogasta kurukarmani Arjun”

He meant “hamesha yog ki stithi me rehna”

Now does that mean that he must be in some asana all the time???

Yog is being one with. One with the divine – one with the self that is divinity.

Yoga is not to heal diseases or to lose weight – It is a state of mind where the body mind and soul are aligned and this process increases the awareness and the being one experience is possible provided one has understood the meaning and the emotion of yog.

Obviously the health improves and the channels open up making us feel it was because of doing the exercises.

Misunderstanding comes easily. Understanding is rare- we always miss – understanding what the truth is.

We miss the train/plane!! We miss a lot of things and this life is spent the same way that we have spent our other lives.

When will we wake up from this dream and see reality? When will we question what reality is? What is real?

The dream seems endless and very few are actually awake…everyone is asleep…some are happy sleeping, some are not, some are taking medicines to sleep, some are wondering why sleep is evading them. Some are awake and wondering why the other person is not sleeping well or why the other person is awake. The vision is outside- it is time now to turn inwards.

Please wake up…wake up to reality…

GET UP!!! WAKE UP!! Do not miss the train (chance) …do not waste this life by  not seeking the truth…by not finding the self…Time is less…wake up to the truth…wake up to reality…time is precious!

Once you wake up…then sleep is no more a need or a desire.

Problems are no longer problems because you see what is real and what is unreal. You know who created what and how. You feel the power that you are…You no longer wish to change others because you are now in the light and whatever you see is lit, though it might be in darkness.

You see all like those fireflies in the darkness of the night. All lit and all fluttering, yet they are in the dark…Their own light evades them because they fail to see…The light within is so bright and yet they wail in plight…

Awaken to the truth that is you…seek…desire for the awakening…

Or we will be moving in the same cycle of

Punarapi jananam punarapi maranam….


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