“Please free me” – Mukti

This week at the satsang I attended I heard a story that was again something that evoked the writing spirit within me.

Also a video of the same is available on youtube:

Click the link to watch the video:

Why did our sages and saints relate stories to make us understand the concepts? It is because with the aid of the story the moral becomes very clear. If directly you seat a child in front of you and relate the morals the child will either refuse to listen to you or just walk away. So relating a story became a part of our culture in order to imbibe morals in the younger generation.

The story I heard was about a parrot named Mitthu. The owner was very fond of the parrot and so had purchased a beautiful cage and decorated it well.

Mitthu now housed in the cage did not speak or imitate anyone. Generally parrots utter words that they hear. One fine day the parrot started saying, “Mujhe swatantra karo, mujhe swatantra karo – please free me, please free me”.

Now the owner was puzzled. Why was the parrot uttering such words. From where had it learnt the words? This went on for a few days until the owner felt very bad and decided to free the parrot.

He took Mitthu out of the cage and walked towards the forest. There in the beauty of nature, huge trees, wonderful plants and flowers and birds he left Mitthu and came back.

He felt good for freeing the bird and fulfilling its wish. After a while he heard, “Mujhe swatantra karo, mujhe swatantra karo – please free me, please free me”

He was shocked and he rushed out to see Mitthu back in the open cage uttering the same words.

Are we not shocked too? Why had Mitthu come back? Did it not like the beautiful forest with so many beautiful birds, the colourful flowers, trees, gentle breeze? Also when it was free from the cage and could fly away anytime wherever it wanted why was it still chanting ‘please free me’?

Are we not like Mitthu? When the empty space beckons us and the self seeks to merge with the infinite consciousness why have we tied ourselves with so many bonds?

Attachments to people, materials, property, career…the list is endless. To the extent that we are attached to our sorrows also. We do not let go of it even when the Guru says “Surrender”. We keep the fears, anger, sorrow and all negative energies locked up safely. We keep it and it enters our chitta and this leads to lives after lives.

Like Mitthu we are free “Hum Mukt hai” and we keep crying in front of the Guru and the divinity “Mujhe Moksh chahiye, Mujhe mukt karo Prabhu”  and when the Guru if he is in the sakaar roopa ( in the body ) says, “Give me all the sorrows and you will realise you are Mukt ( free ).”

We then make a silent retreat as the sorrows are too precious to part with. We would rather give some dakshina to our Guru, take his blessings asking for material success and leave.

So when Mitthu was left to wander freely it did not realise that it was free. The conditioning of being in the cage had sunk in deep. Same applies to us. The conditioning that we are bound by relationships, duties etc are a lie. No one and nothing can bind us. We were and are free.

That in no way means we must leave our duties and run away from this world. It means that we must understand that we are free, we actually are free and the bondages are only made by us. The day we realise this truth, we will find ourselves free of all ( though we would be still in the society- in the world ).

We are now in the cage with the door open and are crying “Please free me”

Who can free the one who is already free? The Guru keeps enlightening us of the same and yet we never understand. We hold on tightly to our bondage to the point of suffocation.

Just go inwards. See who you are and the realisation will dawn that you are free- free of all bondages. The open door of the cage will beckon you to fly fly fly…



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