Silver wings soar high…

I stared at the sky so blue

With a mix of white and grey hue

Clouds swayed in the sky

While the sun shone fiery and wry

My wings I flapped

I felt so trapped

If only I could fly as high

Alas! Would I fall and die?

I shook with fear,

Was life so dear?

I had to try to fly that high

Oh! I so wanted to fly fly & fly

I prayed for courage

I shivered with rage

I shook with vigor

What was there to fear?

I closed my eyes

I sent a silent prayer

I flapped my silver wings

I was ready to fly and sing

I opened my eyes

As I soared with pride

Feeling the clouds

Kissing the sky

Silver wings I flapped with furor

A free bird I was, to fly and soar


One thought on “Silver wings soar high…

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