My star …My lucky star…

Somewhere in the sky I searched

For a star I felt was perched

In my heart I could see

A single star meant for me

Every day I looked for it

Very sure I would find it

Patience was my only pal

As the search I couldn’t stall

However long it took me yet

I wouldn’t let go, I would get

The star I knew I sought for

Was not near but not so far

I would find my star I knew

‘Coz it was one amongst few

Special was it for me

How do I tell thee?

A single tear across my cheek

The star is all that I seek

And at once I saw a speck

Was it the star I had to check?

A special twinkle and a shine

The star had to be mine

Now I’d live my life

          Without a single strife          

‘Coz I had seen my lucky star

Now my luck no one could mar

 Life full of fun and joy

Now I was to enjoy

A reason to survive I got

I was left with no doubt

Life was simply beautiful

Everything seemed so wonderful

With an image so serene

I moved ahead to live my dream…


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