Vibes or Appearances?

Souls recognize each other by vibes not by appearances…

Received it as a forward from a friend of mine… Liked it and it also got me thinking especially when another friend of mine too wanted to understand the deeper meaning in it.

Now is there a deeper meaning to the above? Souls or atman recognize each other by vibes and not appearances…

Vibes are what we feel – like for example we get good or bad vibes about people or places. We feel it and that’s how we communicate about it.

It is basically feeling the energy of the place or how we felt in that place which tells us about the vibes of the same. It is same about a person also. We get good vibes or bad vibes about certain people. It is something we feel and yet many a times unexplained.

To understand the same we need to understand about the soul.

Atman is energy and thus there is a vibration. The vibration is the attraction parameter here. The souls meet after several lifetimes and in this lifetime they feel the vibes they had felt earlier. They recognize on the basis of this vibration. There is no other way!

Appearances change. Physical body is the appearance or the clothing of the Atman. Each lifetime its different, it keeps changing. Just like even after a person changes his clothes we still recognize them or even after a person ages, wear dentures, spectacles, sports grey hair yet we recognize them! As we introspect on the subtler energies, the vibrations are what help us recognize each other.

All energy bodies are vibrating at a different frequency. We too as humans are vibrating at a different frequency. The fact remains that we are vibrating and it is this subtle vibration that creates these vibes. We feel the vibes… we feel the energy vibration…

‘We’ here, is the atman, the soul. The body is made up of five elements and will end one day by merging with the five elements. Yet the subtlest energy, atman remains and it vibrates. This vibration is what stays at all times and joins us to the souls who we meet in order to resolve our karmic accounts.

So eventually appearances never matter as, though we feel that our awareness levels are minimal and we are body conscious souls, yet deep inside we all know, obviously we know, coz that is the truth. Appearances fade, just like clothes. What remains in a relationship on the body consciousness level also is the vibration. What we feel about the person, how we feel and when we feel…It is always about the vibes.

So even after changing clothes over lifetimes we still recognize another soul by vibes as appearances keep changing while the soul does not…


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