Mind seeks answers

If you want to meet the divine- paramatma se judna hai to samaj ko tyaag do

I want to be one with the divine…

Yet I have so many questions and so many doubts that meeting the divine seems a far away dream.

Does this mean that having questions and doubts are wrong and that it will take you away from God?

Or does it mean that one who has no doubts and no questions unites with the divinity faster?

Technically one who is un-complicated ( wherein we refer to the mind) and just accepts the divine and surrenders completely without questioning reaches faster.

It still does not mean that one should not question. One must. But having doubts means ‘no trust’ and this leads one away from God.

Questions come in the mind seeking answers.

Finally what is the answer that one is looking for? We all know there is a consciousness and we are also consciousness. When we see it as two- then questions and doubts filter in. Actually there is only one. And when there is one- where and who can you doubt?

But until we experience that there is only one, we tread on the path always feeling that there are ‘two’ -and that is fine.

Mind complicates and mind eases everything. It is all the game of the mind. The power rests with the mind until we realise that mind is and can be in our control.

Questions are when the mind is not in our control, when we are being controlled by our mind. It creates doubts, questions and confusions.

Yet the true self seeks answers and so fights with the mind to search for the answers. Here, only the light of wisdom can guide us. When the light falls and wisdom flows within, the mind slowly steps back and allows the intellect to attain the power of discrimination ( vivek).

With this vivek buddhi achieved by gyan (wisdom) one knows everything. It is like a light fitted inside permanently and darkness is destroyed.

Once the light is there the questions and doubts start disappearing and the mind clears and remains united with the self. That is when one is in a constant state of bliss.

The mind if stuck in the unreal and the temporary suffers unimaginable traumas. It gets more and more trapped creating its own web of miseries and faces immense agony.

This is when the inner self wants a respite and seeks answers. This is when generally a guide, a guru who dispels the darkness appears and banishes the darkness. Even so, the mind so caught up in the intricacies of the web of the unreal ( sansaar) fails to see the light or sees it partially and then sinks back into darkness.

When the light falls on the buddhi ( intellect) it shines with the power of discrimination and helps the mind move out of its web or trap. The light is of wisdom, of gyan. With this power of viveka we simply know, and there is no doubt.

So it is rightly said that if one wants to unite with the divine one must let go of the akal, samaj which is nothing but ahamkar or pride. It only restrains the self from progress and pulls it away…far away from divinity.

Why so many questions, doubts and confusions anyway? It is a trap set by the mind to take you away from divinity into the unreal. When the truth dawns that everything that is seen is unreal, automatically the questions disappear.

This is when one knows and understands the wonderful lines by Adi Shankaracharya:

Neither am I the mind, nor the intellect nor the ego

Mano buddhi ahamkar chitta ninaham...

Then who am I?

I am chidananda roopa shivohum shivohum….I am sat chit anand…


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