Strokes of Nature

The morning sky

 A tepid blue

Hues of orange

Streaks of red

Every moment the canvas changed

Strokes of red stretched ahead

Even as the colours deepened

In exuberance my eyes widened

I stared unblinking at the sky

Lest I miss not a single slide

A transition of frames

With changing hues

Who was the painter?

Where was the brush?

Enticing hues I had never seen

What next? I felt so keen

Each scene so enigmatic

I was totally ecstatic

Amidst the mountain tips

Emerged a fiery orange ball

The moment stopped

as the slides slowed

The invisible painter

had rested his brush

The sun had risen

In the white blue sky

The rays so strong

The light so bright

I soaked in the beauty

Of the glorious sun

I closed my eyes

Saluting the painter

how vast the creation

how strong the creator

I smiled with joy

Happy to enjoy

The glory of nature

As a mere spectator…


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