Human mind- does it exist?

The title itself is so intriguing! Isn’t it? And from where did this title come?

Obviously from my mind! So mind exists? There is no physical location for this mind in our body or otherwise. Yet it is the mind of the millions that is working and creating everything that is happening around us.

When we have this physical body, all so powerful with such intricately woven organs, functioning with precision, why then do we need a mind? What does the brain do then?

The brain has its own functions like the heart, the kidney, the lungs and the liver! Then where does the mind come in?

Okay to come back to the title I have chosen ‘Human Mind’ – what does it mean? That only Humans have mind or are only humans linked to this mind? On a broader perspective – Is there a mind? Does not matter whether it is human mind or whatever…

So, the question still remains that does it exist. Mind and Intellect are accepted but not visible. So is the spirit, the soul. No one has seen and yet it is accepted. The body dies and the spirit survives. And as the mind and intellect have no form, obviously they too survive. They stay linked to the spirit.

My guru says “ Jo kuch dikh raha hai wo sab mithya hai” – “Whatever you can see, whatever is visible is false”-  “Whatever perishes is not real – whatever does not is real”

We accept it because we can sense it, experience it. Everything is a creation of the mind. When so many millions of minds are creating so many things, will it not result in a chaos? It will, it has. The chaos we see around us is the result of our own creations.

So if we can all create so much mess, so much chaos, we can also create peace! Possible or not possible?

Why then are we just applying the mind in increasing the already created chaos? Why cannot we make the mind work towards peace? The “WE” here is the energy, the spirit. The mind is a speck of that energy and so is the intellect. The spirit is independent of the mind and intellect (mann aur buddhi). The mind is not independent though. So why allow the mind to take over? Why give so much authority to the mind to create what it wants? Why not use the intellect to rule the mind?

These are layers of energy attached subtly to the spirit. The day self-realisation occurs, the mind remains no more. Yet just like we need this body to attain self-realisation, similarly we need this mind to direct a lot of things. Mind can create based on past impressions and is not at all independent!

Mind is just thinking, creating, evolving based on the past impressions of the human soul. So the mind is a tool and not the cause. Where then are the impressions stored? The spirit is pure, untainted. But the jeevatama carries with it all the past impressions and in effect allows the mind to work based on the accumulated karmas.

So how does one walk over these past impressions and work over creating peace? What if the past impressions are not positive and intend on creating a mess?

Sadhana is the solution. Purushartha is necessary where one works on finishing the layers of unwanted karmas accumulated over several lives. It is like dusting away the cobwebs of a house locked away for years…

We must first begin work on the physical body to keep it healthy and active. Next we must work on the prana level by doing breathing exercises. So yoga and pranayama are the first two steps. Then we work on raising our energies by singing bhajans and shlokas. When we chant mantras we connect to the divinity. As we go further on this journey we need to acquire knowledge so we either have to read scriptures or listen to Guru Gyaan or attend Satsangs. Once this level is achieved one can actually meditate. While doing all this one must not forget daily prayers of gratitude and love. With this one must also help the needy by doing whatever sewa activity possible without much ado.

This takes one to a point where most of his/her impressions have reduced and the commands that the mind receive are only towards working for peace and tranquillity. This is possible because the mind is in that state now as it is no longer burdened by the past impressions that the jeeva was carrying with it. Now the jeevatma feels light and so does the mind and the intellect is at its sharpest.

If each individual works on the self, the entire world  (the creation) will become very peaceful and a wonderful place in space…

Then again it is just a wonderful place, just that the mind in the state that it is now perceives everything the way it sees it…

More on this in my next post!!!


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