Never look back

In my earlier post “Awareness reduces suffering” I had signed off with:

How will the awareness come? Suppose we never become aware, suppose no one ever helps us or guides us to become aware. Will someone come and guide us towards awareness? If someone comes to guide us does it mean we have done some good karma in the past? Is it a pay off?

The awareness will come…it will come from within. The consciousness knows that one day the journey has to end…and it will end by reaching the supreme consciousness.

Deep within us in our subconscious mind we know who we are, where we are and how we can finish this journey and travel back to join our father the “ONE” divine and supreme consciousness.

How do you know you are thirsty? And when you are don’t you reach out automatically for the water bottle? And if there is no drinking water in your reach, don’t you look everywhere for a glass of water to drink? Suppose you are on a road travelling and you run out of drinking water, don’t you look around everywhere hoping to find a place to refill the bottle? You are at that moment ready to go out of the way just to quench your thirst.

The same thirst has to rise from within us. The thirst to know the self, to know who we are and what is the purpose of our existence. Once the desire becomes strong, very soon we will find the person who will guide us and lead us on the journey.

Everything that is happening today in your life is because of your past karma. It is not a debatable issue at all. There is no coincidence.

There is a ledger book where you have the good and bad on two sides like debit and credit.

So if your account balance has more good karma, your awareness, your thirst to find a Guru will be stronger. But if you are having a low balance of good karma it will take a long time before you find your path. There is no one who has only bad karmas accumulated. So though late, one will surely step on the spiritual path.

To put the entire explanation in a simple manner, I would suggest – just do good actions. Each one of us knows what is right and what is wrong. Just work on doing the right things all the time. Simplest way to clear negative karmas is to do sewa. It is a simple thing and everyone can do it.

Whatever your income, a small part of it should be spent for feeding the poor, especially children who are staying in the slums. Just do it…buy some biscuits, breads or whatever it is that you can afford to buy. Distribute among the poor children. See the joy on their face while you do it and bow your head to God for giving you the opportunity to serve, for making you a medium for such a selfless action.

However boring it might seems in the beginning, learn to listen to the Guru’s or attend satsangs or read the scriptures.

All these actions will automatically delete most of your negative karma and as the positive karma  increase you will automatically be led on the path to Divinity.

Life is simple…it is we who complicate it with our unwanted thoughts. We not only complicate issues, we also entangle our self in this. After which we sit back and cry saying we are trapped. We are stuck, we cannot move. It is a web of our own. We weaved it unknowingly long time ago. Now if we intend to come out of it, we just need to call out to the Divine.

At least you have felt the need to come out of that web. There are still many who do not even know they are stuck, they are caught in the web. Never try telling them so, ‘coz they will argue with you.

They are in absolute darkness as they have no idea that there is a light at the end of the cave. They are lost in the darkness and have accepted it as reality. Yet deep within even they know. But this knowledge is submerged below loads of karma and their journey is long. Again I will mention that in case they had done some very big good karma in some past life, it will rise up. How? Some enlightened Master, a Guru, a Saint will come their way and just throw a lit match stick and their burden of karma will just burn out in a minute.This is rare, yet possible.

So, prayer is necessary. By prayer I do not mean just rolling out the rosary or the rudraksha beeds. It is with folded hands that we need to feel gratitude to the Divine for the life that we are living. Every morning when we get up, we must smile. You know why?

“I am alive!!!” Is this not enough? You have a life, a body to perform actions, a mind and an intellect to decipher whether the actions are good or bad, a way to delete negative karma and finally to walk on the path of self-realisation.

So let us begin our prayer with gratitude…and who knows we might have that very special karma hidden somewhere which will bring that Guru in our life who will just blast the load of karma and release us from our burden leading us towards Divinity. It will just happen in a fraction of a second. Who knows when that moment is destined?

So be on the path, in whatever way possible and never look back…


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