Power to choose!!

As human beings we are different from other living beings. We have the power to choose. The power to choose what we want, how we want, how much we want and so on makes us powerful living beings.

Yet sadly many of them have forsaken this power in the real sense. They do utilize the choice but only in mundane matters where finally it does not make any difference in the long run in their spiritual progress. The very fact that we are spiritual beings is submerged deep somewhere and we are living a life to fulfill our basic needs.

Why are we special? We are highly intellectual beings and the power to choose has made us superior in every aspect. Why then have we deviated from this power. Have we forgotten that we are powerful? Have we in our routine life of drudgery just surrendered ourselves to misery?

Before you start wondering how happy or how miserable you are after reading the above, please take a deep breath and take a few minutes off from whatever else is on your mind.

What is it that you truly want from your life?

Are you actually happy? Do you feel peaceful and content all the time?

Okay at least most of the time?

Are you not thinking of the next thing you need to do now after you finish reading this article?

When was the last time you felt totally relaxed and the feeling lasted for more than 30 minutes.

Close your eyes and accept the answers that first come to your mind. I say first because I know that our logic mind has so many explanations and believe me, really at this moment you do not need that logical mind of yours.

Let us quit the race!!! Are we not all in it? Where is everyone running? Is there a destination? Do you know where it is?

I bet most of us don’t. So let us just quit running behind the rest of the humanity. Just sit back and very calmly think of all those small and big things you desire to have which you believe will make you happy. You know that most of the listed things are possible. So now smile. If you wish for it, it will happen. Everything you desire and seek will be yours. WE all know that.

Now for the part where you feel it will make you happy. It won’t! Happiness is from within. External situations, people and things can make you feel good for a little while and can also make you unhappy. Let us fix this in our mind that Happiness comes from within and only we can decide if we want to remain happy at all times or not.

We are too caught up in the race. We will decide not to run. We will walk. Baby steps…

Where to? Towards seeking that inner peace and joy. It already exists. I just need to dust off those cobwebs covering them. So many layers of stress, incidents, bitterness, hatred, anger and so on.

We will learn to relax as anyway the race is not leading us anywhere. We are still where we began or even worse. A few material gains, a few promotions…did it get you anywhere near your peace or did it make you more restless and worried?

Let all that comes our way come. We will accept it with a smile. This is the choice I spoke about earlier. We can choose to be happy. We can choose to smile all the time. There is no one who can stop us except ourselves.

Do all that you do with a smile. The question would be “Suppose I do not like to do a particular job. What am I supposed to do. Do I have a choice???”

“Yes!!! You have the option of quitting the job. In case it is practically impossible then you still have the choice to do the job with a smile or a frown. The choice is yours entirely. Do it knowing that everything that is happening in your life is because of you. No one else is responsible. Whatever situation you are in today is a reflection of your past actions and what you do today will be a reflection of what will happen tomorrow. So keep smiling. Smile your way through difficulties uttering the name of the divine. Hold his hand and walk and he will lead you towards  what you want. Or of course you have the choice to fret and complain and do the job unhappily. You know what kind of tomorrow you will be facing…”



One thought on “Power to choose!!

  1. Completely agree with the post..would like to add on that whatever choice we make in our life we need to bare the consequences of our choices- it can be positive or negative depending on the choice and situation..so make wise choices in life where you are ready to bare the consequences whatever they are..

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