Awareness reduces suffering

Our eyes will see what we want to see, our ears will hear what we want to hear.

The argument will be  “whatever is in front of our eyes we have to see and if someone is saying something we have to hear.”

It is not true. We have the option to close our eyes and close our ears. To close our eyes we do not need our hands. We can just close them and refuse to see what we do not want to see. To close our ears we need to use our hands or ear plugs though sound will filter in to a certain extent.

We have two ears so that we can filter out the unwanted information immediately. Also if we want to keep the information we have to listen with both ears. If we do not want to listen to something we can hear from one and release from another ear.

Eyes see and perceive the information through the mind. Actually it is not the eyes that see, it is the soul or the ‘self’ that sees through the mind using the eyes as a physical medium. Information is perceived by the mind based on past sanskaras ( impressions).

Thoughts, words and action generate karma. When karma is attached with emotion then it forms a deep impression. The number of times one particular impression is repeated it forms a permanent sanskar. Now the person thinks, speaks and acts based on that sanskar. Now sanskars are something that we carry with us knowingly or unknowingly.

To make it easy to understand I will cite an example. Suppose as a child you were not very good at keeping your room/almirah/desk clean. Your parents might have kept saying that you are untidy. This would have over the period of time formed a deep sanskar and you would have accepted it as a fact that you are untidy and continued the same way until now. This is applicable for all adjectives that we use like ‘lazy, stupid, fool, dumb’ and so on. These are labels which take a deep seat in the innocent minds of kids and also adults.

Suppose after your marriage you are unable to cook food as well as your mother in law. If your husband and your in laws keep saying that you are a bad cook, that impression will become embedded in your sub conscious. Now when you enter the kitchen to cook  you know that whatever you cook will not be up to the mark though that might not be the case actually. The energy vibrations that you transmit while cooking will automatically make the food less tasty or make you make some mistakes while adding spices or salt. So eventually the impression has ruled over our original capacities.

All sanskaras can be reversed and removed provided we realize what they are and how deep they are. So prayer helps. It is the easiest way to connect to the Divinity and wipe out the karma that is happening and that has happened based on our past impressions.

We must serve the poor/needy and this helps in releasing many of our impressions that rule our destiny. As we clean out those impressions with awareness we reduce our bad karma and life becomes much simpler and easy.

Now the next question would be how will this awareness come? Suppose we never become aware, suppose no one ever helps us or guides us to become aware? Will we always suffer? Will someone come and guide us towards awareness? If someone comes to guide us does it mean we have done some good karma in the past? Is it a pay off?

More on this in my next post…


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