Raise your consciousness…

The ‘ONE’ is the supreme consciousness, GOD or the paramatma our father.

Ann has asked in my last post “Far away from Divinity” – how to choose a Guru or how does one realise that the Guru is the one that is right for us. She also wonders if she met a Guru who she decided not to follow and later heard some controversies about him, was she using her common sense or was it just her good karmas which had made her stray away from that Guru.

Guru is he/she who has experienced the ‘self’ and is guiding mankind. Such Saints and Gurus who have attained self-realization are then no longer just a physical body but are an element (tattva) and are connected to the divine as well as to their earnest disciples.

Yet here I would like to mention that even a teacher is a Guru and there are different kinds of Gurus. Just like we have different subject teachers in school. Earlier times the kings and princes had different Gurus – one for training warfare, one for teaching the scriptures and so on.

Many Gurus are propagating knowledge from the scriptures. They may or may not have experienced the true ‘Self’, may or may not have connected with the Supreme and are guiding people by preaching and explaining verses from the scriptures. Each one is seeking something different. You will find a Guru based on your thirst. I might drink Mirinda and say Cola is bad. You might like Coke and say Sprite is tasteless. So we must move ahead trusting that the Supreme will guide us accurately to the right Guru who will fill us with wisdom and show us the light.

What is it that we are all seeking? Whatever it is that we achieve, we do it for happiness not knowing that happiness is within and no external objects, situations or people can actually give us happiness. And if we believe that others make us happy then it is very obvious that others can also make us sad. It is like we have handed over the remote control of our emotions to all others around us. Well, eventually the search is for inner peace and joy.  A Guru is one who can lead us towards experiencing the same.

We will find what we seek. So always our focus must remain on what we want and likewise we will get the right Guru to guide us.

Some Gurus will spread joy, while others will spread wisdom, some others will guide you in your life.

If we genuinely seek, we will get a genuine guide…

The desire to know, to learn and to progress on our spiritual journey must be strong and focused. Surely then the right guru will step in to our life and guide us.

We generally meet people and even a Guru based on our level of consciousness. Our aim should be to raise our level of consciousness by praying to the Divine with surrender and love. As the purity increases you will meet the Guru who is pure, true and loves you unconditionally…

Best wishes!!!


3 thoughts on “Raise your consciousness…

  1. Thank you for giving clarity on my thoughts. i really dont know how much i have understood from your words, but i do know that my mind become calm after and while reading your post.

  2. Ann,
    Thanks!! Will be posting something on similar lines…something simpler to absorb. Every time you read it you will understand something different. As your level of consciousness rises, your perception of everything will change. The same article will have a different and a better meaning if you read after a couple of months. The message in it remains the same, but we mature ( not in age ) and each time we learn something new, something that will elevate our consciousness level even more.

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