Spirituality is boring???

“Spirituality? Oh no no no…there is lot of time for all that. There are so many restrictions. Abhi to mazaa karne ka time hai. (It is time to freak out and have fun). And anyway we pray, go to temple/church etc. and are doing our bit. That is enough for now. Meditation and all that can wait till retirement. At that time anyway we will have nothing much to do so we can go for all these satsangs and pass our time.”

I have heard the above a lot many times from many people. I am just glad that I moved on, because surely there was a time when I too had the same viewpoint. That is the belief system we all are brought up with.

I am no one to judge and no one to guide. There was no one to guide me. There came a point in my life when I felt that there was more to life than what was visible. I had questions on death and many other stark realities. The quest led me to my Guru who then showed me the path. After which my perspective of life, death and everything in it changed completely.

I am still on the path and will always remain so. Learning never ends is what I believe. Every day I learn something new. It could be because I am ready to learn, to know, to absorb.

Well, spirituality is not being religious. They are two different terms altogether. We are spiritual beings. Understanding that we are spiritual beings is spirituality and also there is no age barrier for it. Religion is a sect that you were born in and wish to follow. Being spiritual has nothing to do with one’s religion, nationality, age, caste etc.

There are no restrictions at all!! The right quest will lead one to a right Guru. A Guru is a master who has understood the self, is on the path and can guide others.

Spirituality teaches us to shun all beliefs. We are trapped in our own belief systems which have been fed within us and are deeply embedded over the years and over many lives.

Visiting temples and religious places is no longer a formality for me now. I go to absorb the divine energies from there, to attune to the deity placed there with reverence…

Meditation brings inner peace and opens up hidden channels which we never knew existed within us…

The earlier we start off on the path of spirituality the better…Life just becomes so much more simpler, beautiful and also peaceful.

We learn to create abundance, we learn to serve the needy and we learn to heal ourselves and others.

Is this not enough reason for us to tread on this path? Why do most people feel they will miss out on the fun?

What is fun? Being able to earn sufficiently for the family, to be able to share with the needy, to be able to love our family unconditionally…Is this not fun?

Having outings, visiting malls, spending time with family…who said spirituality restricts all these?

In fact spirituality helps us focus on our goals and be able to earn more than what we would otherwise have. Focus helps us achieve faster and enjoy the benefits of the same.

Retirement? There is no retirement in spirituality…its life long…it is so much fun that every single day is new and so retirement is out of question. Retirement happens from our workplace but not from life…

The day we retire from our life we leave our body…

When the youth become spiritual they enjoy life to the utmost and achieve unbelievable goals and reach the highest summit.

My children are on the path…they enjoy every single day of their life at school. They face all the challenges with confidence as they know their Guru is with them and nothing can go wrong. They achieve more by studying less!! Their focus has improved and their thoughts are clear and uncluttered. There is no confusion in their teen mind. I wonder if they had not joined me on this path how difficult it would have been for them to manage the challenges outside home.

They know what they want from their life. Their goals are clear. They know for a fact that they can achieve whatever they seek. They live a full life and do not miss out on any fun! Yes they do not smoke, drink or do any of those which is a trend with most youngsters. They know that it is a life taking temporary fun which is too expensive in the long run. They live experiencing joys in the events of life, they serve the poor, they teach kids from the slums, they watch movies, visit malls, shop, eat and do all that is just so right.

At 40 plus I feel I started late…

If we plan to meditate and be spiritual after 60 years of age we are being foolish as by that time the body might not support us to even sit for 15 minutes without aches and pains bothering us….At that time how does one plan to meditate or connect to the divine? Even chanting is not easy and everything we do is mechanical without any emotion.

When we are spiritual beings why do we need to wait to experience it till we turn 60???

All false notions and ideas need to be cleared… the earlier one wakes up to the truth …the better…


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