Far away from divinity

A tree laden with fruits and as the fruits fall they are sent to different places, for that is where their lives are. The tree is one single seed that has grown into a very huge tree. The fruits are its produce…its own children.

The tree is the one single source of divinity. Call it God or supreme consciousness or by any other name. There is only one. All the fruits that reached the level of purity of the tree became known as avatars or bhagwan or God. Many others who had come and have come to guide the masses are Gurus…

Who is a Guru? A person who is connected to the divine through the higher Masters or the Ones who reached a very high level of purity (who are known as Avaatar/Gods) is a Guru.

How can I as a simple fruit decayed to a certain extent attain purity? When will I ever get to connect to the tree and how?

A Guru will always be there to guide provided the desire to reach the source arises from deep within. The more number of fruits decayed, more will be the number of Gurus as the need of the hour would be to guide many.

If we leave the fruits aside for a while and speak in terms of you and me, will it be easier to comprehend a simple theory of connecting to God?

**Now I am a family person, all caught up in various issues good and bad and face all types of challenges. Does it mean I am far away from my source?**

Yes it does. Being caught up in the challenges is not an issue if you are living in remembrance of who you are and are aware that you have to soon join the source. But it is very rare that a person lives, knowing and understanding the ‘real self’ and so leads many many lives of ignorance only moving further away from divinity.

The only simple method to reach the source is through purity. The divine energy, the supreme consciousness is pure, unconditionally accepting and loving. These fine qualities are but very clearly a perfect trait of the “One”.

**So if we belong to the same tree, will we not have those traits?

Of course we do. It goes without saying.

**So why then are we not the children of God?

Who said we are not children of God. We are obviously the children of God. We have in us all the traits he has.

**So why then are we so bad or rather so much unlike him?

It is because when we disconnected from him we took a form and in our journey we accumulated a whole lot of unwanted dust and muck. We got busy in washing our body, our physical self and forgot to clean our mind. Now we have reached a state where we cannot recognize ourselves.

**So how then do we go back? Will we be stuck in the muck always?

That will depend on how deep and how strong your desire to meet your father is. Once your desire becomes stronger, a Guru, a guide will step into your life and show you methods of purity.

**So then, is it not simple? Just wish for meeting the Divine, a Guru will come and guide and we become pure and join with our source, the Divine.

You are right, it is simple. But there is one major factor that you seem to have overlooked and that is the strong clutches of Maya which takes us away from our intention of surrender.

**What is Maya?

Maya is the illusion that survives and thrives based on your five senses. Touch, smell, taste, vision and hearing. These five if used correctly can lead you to a Guru and further on. But if used unwisely will entrap you endlessly forever and ever.

**So how do we escape Maya?

Acquiring control over our five senses will delude Maya and lead us on the right path towards divinity.

**How do we escape from Maya if we are controlled by our five senses?

You can never control Maya if you are controlled by the panch indriya or five senses. But as you learn to walk on the path your Guru guides you on, you learn methods to connect to the self and this results in purity. The Guru teaches you “dust yourself when you have dirt on you, use soap and water when you have muck on you…”. He teaches methods of purifying the body, mind and soul. If we care to listen, learn and follow his words of wisdom, we will soon be on the path, gracefully embarking on our journey back to the source, to the One who is the Universal Master, GOD.

**Who is a Guru and what does he do?

A Guru is one who has treaded on the path, attained self realization and on the behest of the Siddha Masters ( one’s who have reached their destination ) takes up the job of guiding the mankind. He/She very patiently leads their disciples towards the light, the light of wisdom.

**When there are so many Gurus why are so many people still in the dark? Why just a few are influenced by the Master and only a minimal few attain self realization?

In a School why is there only one topper? Just a few merit holders? Is the teacher not good enough? The teacher does his/her job to the best of their ability. It is then left to the student whether they want to learn or not, whether they want to absorb the knowledge and reach the summit or not. The teacher can teach, push a bit, scold, convince…but that is about it. Beyond that it is the journey of the student. Is it not so? So why do we blame a Guru? He does his best. He goes to the extent of praying for his disciples’ well-being. It is the ignorance of the disciples who caught in the web of Maya refuse to follow on the path and many a times leave the path and go back to the world of illusion thinking that it is a much better place or a much better way of life.

On the path, we have doubts and questions. We seek answers and many a times do not find the right answers. Is it because no one out there knew the answer? Or is it because the desire to seek was not strong enough? 

Only a strong desire to know, to learn, to absorb can lead us to a Guru. Many reach to the level of finding a Guru who has the right answers…but they are not ready to accept the answers…their good karmas in the past leads them to a Guru but their karmas in the present life have led them in the clutches of Maya and so even after reaching the Guru they are still far away from the divine…far away…


4 thoughts on “Far away from divinity

  1. how to find out whether the one is real guru. Because nowadays so many gurus are there. someof them under the lime light of social media too. one may say that the other one is wrong. then if i am not listening to the first, then is it because of my present life karma or common sense?!!

  2. Difficult to understand and follow in life..but if we are able to sustain then nothing like it..seriously..I can really relate myself to this article..completely agree that your past karmas get you to that path and you walk on it for a while..but your present karmas and Most importantly “MAYA” brings you back to this world and you are back to from where you started..

  3. Nisha,
    The very fact that you are reading the spiritual musings makes it very clear that you are on the path. How many would read this? How many would read the whole article? How many would try to understand it or try to relate it to their life?
    Believe me, very few. So just focus on doing good karma. Do as much sewa as you can manage. Let it be unconditional ( without expecting any praise or appreciation in return).
    Maya will play her role, but if our focus is unwavering, Maya will lose the battle.
    So, come what may do not lose focus. Set your goal and move straight ahead.The Divine is always with us. Never look back, as the past is over. It is just an impression. Delete it just the way you would delete the excess files on your laptop. Later do not forget to dispose it from the trash bin. Yet a mild impression will be retained on the hard disk ( subconscious mind) and might surface if you search deeply for it. Which you must not!! Now that fine impression needs to be burnt out with your sadhana ( prayers).
    Follow the words of the wise, walk on the path with confidence and with a smile 🙂

    Sing…dance…play…smile…have fun…

    Life is not that complicated…Just live it…fill it with wisdom…share your joy…focus on helping others…feel happy…feel positive…

    God bless…
    Best wishes,

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