Lottery ticket

Not everyone is lucky enough to know that they are spiritual beings. Spirituality has become expensive, a luxury not all can afford and yet if the mind is made it will take but one moment and not a single penny to experience and enjoy it.

It is like that one lottery ticket where the last number does not match. Many will buy the lottery ticket often hoping one day the number will match and they will win the lottery. Many others will shrug it off saying it is just a waste of money and buying tickets is really not worth it. So they move on in life cursing its undefined bluntness, coarseness in relationships and trekking the mountains of hardships. They are happy in that. Or at least they seem to be…Some are even proud of the fact that they are climbing the biggest of mountains with ease. They share with all about the pitfalls and the boulders they managed to cross.

For those who do keep buying it live in a hope. They do curse and fret but not extensively. The small light of hope stays within them igniting more hope for a better future and a wonderful tomorrow. So Hope too is hard to find and equally expensive.

Then there are those few who have understood life, touched spirituality and sensed it and live in joy knowing that the day is not far when they will be absorbed completely in the divine light of wisdom, of truth. They live their life with a smile, loads of hope and confidence as they know they are on the right path.

I can’t but not mention the divine few who have crossed all the above and are on the peak of the mountain of bliss. They drink the elixir of life mixing it with the nectar of divinity. Their life is absolutely simple. They just know…know it all. They have achieved the highest sense of freedom, of joy and of enlightenment.

Now in all the levels mentioned above, one needs to contemplate as to where one is. It is not a lost case in case one finds oneself not buying those lottery tickets. The small spark of hope could be ignited by someone who is in the light quite easily. Yet the mind will pull one back into its deep well of Maya, an obstacle in the path.

A thought before I sign off…are we not all the same? Why then the discrepancies? Why then is there a huge gap in each of the levels? We are all the same in the core but have grown into different fruits in different stages of evolution, or rather in different stages of decay. We all are in the process of joining the divinity at some point of time. Just that the fruit basket that we reside in is absolutely wonderful and the divinity is forgotten for a long time. The decor around us is attractive and shiny and we stir away, far away from our origin.

Our only wish now, and at all times should be to become one with the divinity and that is possible only and only when there is purity. All the rot and decay only brings us back in different baskets, dustbins and garbage dumps. We move further and further away from our source. Will we ever become pure enough for us to go back to our actual home, the home of our father?

The single thought that it is time to clean the self is the lottery ticket I mentioned above…

More on this in my next post…


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