Who is to say?

Some questions I saw on a blog…The deep desire to explain my perception and perspective of the same led me to writing this post.

Who is to say we aren’t a bunch of schizophrenics with the same distorted view of reality simply locked up together?

We are not a bunch of schizophrenics. But yes most of us do have a distorted view of reality. And no we are not locked up together.

We are not what we are and yet ‘I am that I am’…

I mean we are not what we think we are. And to know the real me or the real you the introspection must continue. “You seek and the answer shall come to you”. Most of the lot do not seek and just accept things and in fact all that is there as the ultimate reality. This I believe is a distorted view of reality.

We are free? Who can lock you? Who can lock me? And where? This universe is infinite. There is no way you can find either the beginning or the end. In this infinity you and me, and all others are a part of this universe, a part of the universal energy. Then again the universe is not outside. It is within us. Within you and within me… Am I outside or inside the universe? Am I a part of the universe or is the universe a part of me. It is none. There is only one. There is no duality. Duality is just a perception of the reality and so thus is a distorted view of reality.

The ones around us can lock us physically, mentally (with beliefs), control us and yet we are free…Like the birds? No! Not even like the birds. We are free on a higher realm. Can anyone control your emotion? Can anyone control how you feel or what you feel about a particular thing? The mind is free to go wherever, whenever…Who is there to lock it? Except the self!

Or that we are simply a dream of a greater mind, and that one day life as we know it shall end simply because somebody else shall wake up?

Life is permanent. No one was born no one is going to die. The dream is the play that we are enacting while in different roles. It is the body we shed. The soul can never die…coz it was always there…and so never born. Yes, life shall end and some day we will wake up to reality. That is the day when you will realize who you are, what you are and that is the day of awakening. Until then, we are living a dream, not aware not actually living and yet we call it life!

Who is to say we aren’t a secluded corner in a snow globe or a parasite in somebody’s stomach?

What is snow? What is rain? What globe? We? Who am I? Once the realization of who you are dawns, that is the day you realize that there are no corners and that there is seclusion even in company.

Parasite can be either that you are dependent on someone for everything or a worm which again means the same thing. It is only you who can decide the value and the worth of your existence. Whether you are a parasite or you are feeding other parasites or having your own entity connected to the one and only one supreme consciousness, living in the light of the divinity, secluded and yet not alone.

Who is to say we move at all and that all physics is not based on utilization of the rotation of the earth?

Who said we move? And then again who said we can’t or we don’t? Physics is a science. Who made science? There is one step always left to understand after one reaches the ultimate in science or quantum mechanics. There is a science not known to us and yet we know it. It is only that we are shadowed and clouded by the strong belief systems and the discoveries and inventions. If only we look beyond, beyond quantum and beyond the entire science that we know of from books, from reading, then you will discover the true science, the truth of your very existence and the truth of this universe and that it is all one and the same.

Rotation of the earth? Theories support all that. So does science. Is the earth actually rotating? Are we moving? Does all this make any difference once we realize that we are infinite with infinite potentials?

Who is to say we are real…who is to prove that life is not merely a delusion?

No one can say that you are real. And yet if they say, will you believe? You might, but it will be on the superficial level. Your mind, your inner self will not agree coz you have not experienced it. The day you experience the real you, you will know how real you are. And surely as you understand I do not in any context refer to the physical body.

Life as we are living it is surely a delusion. It is a dream, an illusion and we float through it never recognizing the true self. No one can therefore prove that life is a delusion or is not a delusion. There can be theories supporting either side of the argument. But then, who wants to hear those arguments which you know is baseless? Why baseless? If only there was a way to measure life, its propensities, then one could have a strong point of argument. So ultimately there is no proof and no supportive theory which is meaningful. Also, why bother? Let it be an illusion and yet let me live with the knowledge that life is ‘living’ and I am beyond that. I am not a life…I am forever.

Why can nobody guarantee to me the truth of reality, of the universe?

If only there was a theory of what reality was, than a guarantee could be given. The universe as we see it, as it is seen by the scientists and the quantum theories is one mass of energy. So, how does one say that energy is what the universe is made up of? Yet is it not the truth? Is it not energy in variables that we see around us? Is it the truth? Are ‘you’ in this physical form a truth?

What is the truth then? Only you can find out what it is, by yourself. When you close your eyes you will see the universe within you. If you care to look you will see. Believe me. And still we say we are a part of this universe. How? Are you a part of the universe or is the universe within you? Are there any boundaries surrounding me or within me?

Yes, there are! Boundaries of restrictive thoughts and beliefs… Someone said the universe is there outside and you are a part of it. I believed it, coz I had not experienced the truth. And what is the truth? The truth again is that the universe is infinite and so are you. You are not separate and it is all one.

Why is the concept of time so vague and bizarre? Why does chaos provide order? Why have we created the concept of time and become slaves to it.

There is no concept of time. It is just a conditional adjustment to which we all live and survive. Can you for a few hours not look at what the time is? Can you have your house not having a clock or a time piece? Mine doesn’t and yet we are all going about doing things in the exact routine. It is just that we have become dependent on the physical entity of the clock. Time is in our mind and we need to start learning to operate the clock within us. All we need to do is turn the key. Remember we would have time pieces and watches which would run only when we would turn the key or it would be dead.

Have we become like that mechanical watch today, after shouting out loudly to the world that we have evolved!! Or even worse, are we battery operated like the new age clocks and run only when charged or replaced? Have we not become a slave to those physical clocks? Is it not time to turn the key inside us and become aware of time, if at all there is something that is time? Is it not time to peep inside…deep inside to seek answers for questions that are formed by the half informed ‘the so called evolved humans’? Are we not all in the same boat? Why are we lost in this entrapment of ours? Why did the time come for us to ask questions for which we know the answers? It came, coz in the name of progress we shut of all our powers and all our wisdom and started acquiring knowledge which is always a perception of the reality or the subject and never the actual truth.

Does chaos provide order? Or is it that we just believe in it and accept it as something that is true. What is the truth? Chaos is chaos and can never provide order unless your state of mind in that chaos is in a calm state. This applies to the universe too. Chaos leads only to more chaos. There is no order in reality as today all we see around us is chaos. But when you close your eyes and see the universe within you and around you, you will see that though in the physical realm there is something that is in disorder or chaos, yet there is calmness which is ‘you’…

If the sun did not set, would night not come?

Absence of light is darkness. Is it right? Who said the sun sets? Who labelled darkness or lack of light as night? It is a trap set by us for ourselves. It is like those video games where the player gets trapped until he finds the key to the next round. There is no day and there is no night and yet the world that we live in has all these concepts. When time in itself is just a concept how does day or night make any difference. We use the same for our convenience and it is just fine and just so required as long as ‘you’ know the truth!

If the earth did not move would we not age?

Age? Who said we are aging? Does having grey hair or passing years mean we are old? Yes, only if one believes it. I do not! When I was never born and am never going to die, how does it make any difference what the age of the physical body that I now adorn is? Age is just another concept that we all need to use just in numerical and not in the heart or the mind. It is only this body that will age, deteriorate and that too only if you want it to. There were sages who never aged, lived till they wanted to and moved on (left their body) when they felt like. It is this science that we have all forgotten as our eyes were focused on those text books and knowledge within it that was piled up in front of us. If only we would have looked beyond those words, beyond those books we would have seen the wisdom which again is not knowledge.

If the earth got sucked into a black hole at the right angle would we really just time travel without being sucked in?

Why does the earth have to get sucked into a black hole at any angle for you to time travel? You can time travel, now in the exact position and place you are sitting. No! I am not joking. Teleporting was real and now only plane travel and space travel is real!! Humanity has progressed? Or digressed?

Even if the mythological tales or the ancient stories seem to be reeling out a whole lot of unbelievable stuff we just enjoy reading the same and visualizing life at that time. Can you guarantee me that you were not part of that time? That you never teleported, that you never flew and that you never had wings and so are incapable of doing the same things now coz its only something you read.

It is difficult right now for you to just close your eyes and time travel. But believe me it is all there right within you. But for that you will have to clear the cobwebs of beliefs and very strong impressions of what the reality and truth is in order to first find the ‘real you’ and once you do it, all this will seem just so simple. You will feel like you have solved the toughest jigsaw puzzle ever and once you see the ‘done puzzle’ in front of you, you sigh and laugh and wonder what took you so long!

Who is to say that life is not a delusion? Who is to prove that reality is real and that the universe is comprehensible?

So now that you know what life is, and how real reality is, the last question that remains is ‘is the universe comprehensible?’ It, in simple words means, is there any logic behind all this? Is there any meaning or clarity in the whole thing that we believe is the universe and what we call as life?

A simple answer would be to not look for logic ever. There was never any logic and will never be. The reason for the entire team of scientists trying to find some logical answer for everything is where we all are feeling we are more and more evolved wherein the actual fact of the matter is that we are just moving further away from the truth!

Be simple, become simple. There is no logic and there is nothing that is real and nothing that can be reality. It is infinite, you are infinite and the day you understand this, you will have all the answers.

The whole thing summarizes to one single thing and that is to seek, seek the truth that is you. Who are you? Where are you? What are you?

And please do not go for any physics or scientific theories. There are just too many. It will create further impressions on your innocent mind that seeks answers. It will complicate to the point where you will forget what the question was and eventually end up accepting a deeply researched theory and start believing it to be true. Won’t you then be moving away from what you wanted to know?

Just sit back, relax and open your mind, dust away the beliefs and baseless, illogical explanations and impressions that have formed a very thick layer and look for the answers. Surely you will find them…

God bless!


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