Next book?

Now that my 3rd novel “Dark Nights…Journey of a slum boy” is published, I need to move on to my 4th book.

The 4th book I am writing is a different genre altogether. It is a fiction (children’s adventure) that I am writing especially for my son. He wanted me to attempt something entirely different!!

So now I am working with a basic idea, no fixed story line and yet wanting to write 50000 words!

The only trick to writing a novel is to silence the mind of all those hundreds of thoughts and make way for the character to take form.

How difficult it is? It is difficult only until the writer connects to the main character of the story. As the attachment with the protagonist grows, it becomes very easy for the mind to clear away all other thoughts and focus only on the story. As simple as that.

Don’t we all think of the person we are most attached to all the time? We also think of the person we hate the most – most of the time!!

So when the mind attunes to a particular person, the thoughts that flow are generally about that person.

For an author, the person is the character of the book. So before attempting to write, if a writer could think about the character, visualise him/her, then the thoughts will flow smoothly.

Now silencing the mind of all thoughts except for ‘the character’ becomes very easy. It is just a small switch. The keys on the laptop stare at you while you just type the flow of thoughts into a physical reality.

Hmmm…the process of silencing the mind of those numerous thoughts ( not related to the book ) is currently under progress 🙂

As far as the flow of the story is concerned, I am sure it will not be a hitch. Once I start writing, thoughts will flow, the character will take shape and the story has got to be something entirely different!

By the time Dark Nights is out in the Market and reaches all the readers I hope to finish the first draft of my 4th book.


Wait! Let me finish writing the book!

So all my readers out there, keep the good wishes coming…THANKS!!!


2 thoughts on “Next book?

  1. Ma’am that cake looks yummy and ur books are making me roar for more knowledge. ..missing you in alpine. ..
    Hoping to see you soon

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