Dark Nights…Journey of a slum boy

Yes, that is the title of my third novel.

Now what is it about? Is it like your previous books?

No!! Each of the three books I have written are completely different from each other. Even the writing style and the story lines are different.

Dark Nights revolves around Murlidhar ( Murli) the protagonist. It is Murli’s story from the time he is 9 until he turns 29.

I have written it in first person…It does have my signature style foreword ( a poem), 26 chapters all titled in the alphabetic order.

The main ingredients:

Fear, Loss, Success, Love, Spirituality…

So what’s so new about all these ingredients????

Writing something new was not the idea. A story with a message and emotion and written with imagination is what is different.

It is how the writer weaves the story that makes it different or unique. It could be the same ghisa pita kahani…but presentation is what matters.

And it is not the run of the mill story. It is different.

So I hope everyone out there will give it a try! Read it once. You will find the message…you will find your path…

Dark Nights…Journey of a slum boy is available online. Will add the links in my next post.


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