Third novel!!

Generally after a novelist writes a book, gets it published and its out in the market, people wonder if the author is a one book wonder!

Will the author be able to present more novels? Will the author write in a similar stereotype style? From where will the author get a different story each time? Oh it will be a typical story or almost on similar lines with the previous one or in sync with the other novels…

These are the reflections that an author receives from the readers. Even more…these are just a few!

A novel is a story having at least a minimum of 50000 words. My first novel ‘In Pursuit of Dreams’ ( ) was not very easy as I really had no idea how I would accomplish the feat of writing 200 pages of one single story. Yet, when I started writing or rather weaving the story, it just went on flowing until it reached the desired number of pages.

The second story ‘A Path Unknown’ ( ) was entirely different and I had a great time writing it. The general trend is to write different types of romance or family stories. Most of the stories are from our life.

Many readers asked me if either of my books are my own life story. I was able to easily deny the same. Now my third book is with the publisher and will be released in a month’s time. And NO! This story also does not have anything to do with my life story!

We face thousands of situations in our life. Also our close relatives and friends face various situations in their life. All this is shared and many incidents stay in our memory.

Writing our life story or picking incidents from our life or other people’s life would be pretty easy. A basic flair of writing, a passion and emotion included would make anyone’s life story into a wonderful novel. Isn’t it?

Each one of us today have a story to tell… It is just that all will not know how to present it in the form of a book.

My purpose of writing a novel is to present a story that has emotion. Emotion is not about tears…I do not mean emotional!!

A story is an expression in words and I believe that the emotion in those words should be able to touch a chord.

Also, writing for the sake of writing is no fun. There has to be a message in the story. And YES! The right message…a positive one…with the right moral values!

Your story must get people into a thinking mode. There must be something that they take away from it!

Each of my three books have a positive story line…there are difficulties faced by the protagonist…there is philosophy…spirituality…

We are spiritual beings and have certain moral values and follow certain philosophies…

So the same reflects in the stories I write. It has nothing to do with my personal life. Stories are weaved out of imagination and the thousands of deep impressions on our sub-conscious fill the stories with emotion.

A story written logically using the conscious mind, with a study of the market as to what will sell would be a dry story lacking emotion.

A story that comes out of the sub-conscious might not be a super hit novel, but people who read, relate and absorb the emotion in the words will simply love it!

Have a story line all ready for my 4th book. Have written 10000 words too! But my children want me to write a book for them…So am on a different journey now! That story is temporarily shelved 😦

A different genre all together. Have no idea how long it will take! It has to be a story that children will enjoy, relate to and learn from…

How am I going to accomplish this feat? Have to do lot more of meditation and tap the sub-conscious mind! I do not believe in researching on the internet! All the information, emotion, imagination is there right in our mind. Just that we need to tap it instead of just clicking for the same on search engines.

Till then I will keep updating on how I am progressing on the new book. Hmmm…obviously I will be sharing my musings too!


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