Being non-judgemental

 Chapter 1 – Verse 37-38

Arjuna tells Janardana that the hearts of the men on the battlefield had been overtaken by greed and thus they saw no fault in killing their own family members or quarreling with friends. But he asks Lord Krishna, why when he could see the crime in destroying a family he should engage in these acts of sin.


A kshatriya is not supposed to refuse to battle/gamble when he is invited by a rival party. But Arjuna felt that when he could see the crime behind such a war it was incorrect to agree to fight. Considering all the pros and cons he decided not to fight.


Being non-judgemental means, not judging other people’s behaviour and actions. Is it actually possible? The moment we see a person we form a judgement. We do keep altering our judgements but we do make a judgement in the first instance. Why is this so? It is true of all human beings.

Is it possible not to judge someone? When we see a person (who we know) we tend to create some thought. It is practically impossible not to create a thought. We do have a choice though. We could create a positive thought or a negative thought.

Again when we meet someone for the first time we immediately start making a judgement chart inside our mind. This is our tendency which is actually incorrect. We have no right to judge anyone. Each person behaves or acts in a particular way because of his inherent nature and we have absolutely no right to decide that the person’s act is right or wrong.

All our life we have been trained to decide moral rights and wrongs. Since we are a tiny toddler we are taught what is right and what is wrong. As we grow up we start thinking that we have all authority to judge people and pass judgements. We not only judge others, we judge ourselves too…

Analyzing a situation and passing a judgement are two different things. Also we are not judges, we are human beings. We are beings of love and must care for and love every living being.

Now the argument goes that maybe we could stop judging good people. But what about those people who commit crimes? Are they not bad people? Here too we have formed a judgement of good and bad.

Yes, certain actions could be good or bad. But we tend to label the people as good and bad. Again we must maintain a non-judgemental attitude and learn to live and let live.

If a person had committed a grave crime, the people who are authorized to punish him/her will do so. Here too Arjuna is judging his cousins as greedy and quarrelsome. He is passing the judgement based on his personal experience and the way they have behaved with him. Yet to tag them as criminals or greedy would be inappropriate for a saintly person.

Leaving crime to one side, if we observe ourselves we will see that we have become habituated to passing comments, interfering in other people’s lives and judging them. We not only judge we also label each person and tag them. Is it necessary?

Why judge? Why can’t we just live our life peacefully and allow others to live theirs? Is it that difficult?

When we judge or pass negative statements or create negative thoughts about others, eventually it is we who are going to be harmed.


We all know the law of karma. The indisputable law…whatever goes out …comes back…

My Guru says “ it will come back manifold…so send love and positivity…’coz u will receive the same many  many more times…”

Choose what you want to receive…


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