Flowers listen to you…


flower in bloom

I always knew that plants listen to us and respond to our words and touch. But I had never actually tried communicating with them. Now it is the Brahmakamala season and flowers will bloom from end of May to end of August or early September. End of May my plant had 3 beautiful brahmakamalas…What a divine sight it was!

Well, I was sure the plant would not disappoint me in June. But alas! Not a single flower…not even a bud…

I felt really sad and I actually spoke to the plant. With a lot of love and emotion I requested the plant for a total of 11 flowers this season. And in less than a week of my request I saw 6 tiny buds popping out of the edge of the leaf. My joy knew no bounds…

So plants listen! Now I am sure all the logical and skeptical people reading this are going to smirk and stop reading!

But it is true that plants are living things and energy sensitive. They do not speak but they absorb energy and the energy that they receive should be positive and the plants will grow and bear fruits and flowers…

Another two flowers and I will have my total of 11. This is the third season since I planted the leaf and it has been growing. The plant is basically a leaf and the buds appear on the side edge of the leaf. Once the season is over the plant or rather the leaf keeps growing. There are no branches. The leaf branches out into more leaves. We can pluck one leaf from the base of the pot and plant it in another pot so it keeps growing. I had planted one single leaf and now have replanted in three pots in the last three years.


flower and bud

The process from the bud stage to the full bloom takes around two weeks and the wait is worth the result. The bud is at full bloom after 9 pm and the light fragrance it emits is out of this world.


Look at it! Amazing!

I have already written in detail on the flower( ) Have posted pictures in the post earlier and will be posting some more very soon…

P.S : Please love your plants…surround them with positive energy and see how they respond!


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