The calm sea…

The waves lashed slowly
taking their time
Each lap so slow
so profound

I watched as the waves danced forth
Not sure they wanted to touch the shore
Slow but with a rhythm
The waves stirred an emotion

And yet in this calm sea
I saw a hint of remorse
Was it anger hidden beneath?
What was the decree?

All of a sudden the clouds darkened
Revealing a hint of fury
Then a flash of lightning
Followed by roaring thunder

I stared at the sky all wonder
Or was it surrender?
Why the storm after the calm?
Was it not calm after the storm?

Yet I had seen the serenity a while ago
Why oh why was the sea so unpredictable?
So like a woman the energy of the sea
Calm a minute before a storm of fury

Was anger brewing beneath the composure?
Or was it her very nature?
I absorbed the calm and the storm
Still speculating the ferocity

It was like a woman in love
Loving a moment and angry the next
The love so generous so bountiful
The anger equally plentiful

This was what made the sea so beautiful
It was what made a woman so beautiful
The sea aroused a feeling of romance
A song a bounce and a dance

Warm sand below feet so tender
And the cool touch of the water
A combination so volatile
A feeling so undefined

Evoking love the sea now fierce
Raging anger wild with tears
Feral waves lashed to the shore
Creating in the mind fear amore

Fear of the lash of nature
Fear of the unknown
I stared at the sea now so dark
Wild, furious, irate and stark

Where was the calm, the peace the tranquil?
I longed for the quiet… a standstill
Warmth in the fury I desired to see
Silently I sent a prayer… a plea

How could there be a clash?
It was the same sea or was it not?
I stared at the sea with hope and love
Was the sea not an epitome of love?

A play of emotion a lesson to learn
For us to not go astray or err
‘coz then she would be in tears
Wailing & crying amidst fears

I learnt anew about the sea
To see the love and love the sea
As in the clash what I did see
Was the calm… the love… of the sea…

By: Naina Nair


2 thoughts on “The calm sea…

  1. Hey Thanks!! Have related the sea to a lot of emotions in the poem. Epitome of love here means does the sea not depict love? Is it not a picture or an embodiment of love? It is…The sea depicts a lot of emotions…nature also in every form is a picture of human emotions…rain…summer..winter…spring all are just a form of our emotions …we are so much connected to nature…we are a part of it…its a part of us…

    Best wishes!!


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