Moral Values…

Chapter 1 – Verse -36

Arjuna tells Lord Krishna that sin will overcome them if they kill the aggressors. He feels it is not proper to kill the sons of Dhrtarastra. He wonders what he would gain by killing them and how one could be happy after killing one’s own kinsmen.

Arjuna does not want to kill his own people because of his saintly nature. Aggressors, here means people who have occupied another’s land. Rama had to kill Ravana because the latter was an aggressor as he had kidnapped Rama’s wife. A Kshatriya cannot fail in his duties and though he is saintly by nature, he must act against the aggressors. Arjuna is in a difficult situation as here the aggressors are his own kinsmen but nevertheless he cannot back out of the war and must bravely fight and do his dharma.

Sin, though a simple word has a deep rooted meaning. Sin or Papam means what one accrues after doing a morally wrong deed. Moral values have been taught to us since childhood and the rights and the wrongs are made clear all through our life by our elders, teachers and parents. But deep inside we all know what is right and wrong and we don’t need books or elders to tell us what is correct and incorrect. We just know…Yet we seek guidance from our elders, rightfully so and reaffirm the moral codes.

In the above verse we understand that the Vedas list a few select types of people who are considered as aggressors and against whom an ordinary man can take action. There are certain roles to be played by each one of us and when we act according to our roles, we are in effect performing our duties, our dharma. Anything other than that would be considered adharma.

While performing our duties we must not calculate our gains and loss. Arjuna is worried that if he kills his kinsmen, it would ultimately bring misfortune to all. He feels he would be committing a sin and it would hinder his spiritual progress. He is in a difficult situation mainly because he is facing his own relatives in the war.

What would we do if we were in the same predicament? It would be truly difficult to kill our own blood relations however bad their actions might be. Yet if our own daughter or wife is being molested by a male relative (maybe our own brother or uncle) would we stand by and watch? Would we not save the woman by attacking the aggressor? Would we stand by and wonder if we would accrue sin if we attack the wrong-doer?

Even if the girl in question is suffering or being attacked because of her past karma, would it be possible for us to not take action against the aggressor?

And what if our own kin or relative has usurped our land deceptively and thrown us and our old parents out on the streets? Would we stand by and watch or accept the situation saying it is our karma? Would we not fight for our rights. If not for us, at least for our old parents and our small children? Injustice in any form must not be accepted and a voice and required action must come forth. This is true dharma…

What will happen if our army men and our security force decide to stop fighting for the country thinking that they will accrue sin?

With the Lord by our side, asking us to fight, telling us to do our dharma, there need not be any doubt in our mind. We must learn to listen, understand and surrender to the supreme power that would never misguide us or bring misfortune.

This trust on the Supreme Consciousness will never lead us astray and help us do our duties in the right manner…


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