It has been truly a long time since I wrote something on my blog. Does not mean that the thoughts…emotions…spirituality were missing in my life. These three aspects are what dominate everyone’s life. Visibly the first two!!

Thoughts are something that just come in our mind. And these thoughts eventually affect our personality in the long run. There is no way we can stop the thoughts. Good and bad they just barge in without our permission.

Emotions are well…emotions I guess! Anger, sadness, laughter, happiness are some of the emotions. Then there is love, hatred, passion, dispassion. Emotions are our feelings seen in some form. At times we just feel and do not emote…

Spirituality is us. We are spiritual beings though we may not acknowledge the same or understand it. The truth is we are all spiritual. Deep inside…the self…the truth.

As I changed the tag line below the name of my blog to ‘Thoughts…Emotions…Spirituality…’ I thought of writing about it.

Thoughts cannot be stopped but can be controlled and directed. It depends on what instructions we give our mind. At times even after strict instructions to the mind to send out only positive thoughts some few negative thoughts do filter out. This could be because of our karma. Yes, it is true that all our thoughts are formed because of our karma.

Our past karma decides our thoughts and actions in the present moment. Every thought, word, action is a karma in itself. Karma can be understood in a very simple way by “What goes out…come in”. Whatever energy we have sent out in the form of thoughts, words or action will rebound. There is no one up there changing or writing our karma. It is we ourselves who are dictating our karma. Just that it is recorded somewhere in the universe…

The law of karma is very strict and very clear. This law is applicable to one and all. It is very fair and impartial.

Emotions can be controlled though there are uncontrolled outbursts at times. Emotions are better let out as suppression will cause suffering. Especially anger, fear, hurt etc. will lead to negative blocks in our physical body leading to illness. More of smile and laughter would do us a lot of good.

Spirituality is like the ocean. Deep…Vast…Endless. The more one dives into it, more the person feels like swimming in it. It is something that each one of us must dive into…

Understanding the self is spirituality. And by self I do not mean this body. Spirituality is about the Spirit the Atman, the Soul. It is a long journey, at times very difficult. But this journey is essential and with the help of a guide, a guru we must embark on this journey which will eventually lead us to self-realisation…


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