Good or bad?

There is no one who is good or no one who is bad. A saying goes , “Nothing is good or bad, thinking makes it so”. Well, I believe in this one.

What is good for one person might be bad for another. It is a matter of choice, a matter of perspective.

If I wear a black sun glass everything will seem dark to my eyes. If I wear a pink sun glass, everything will have a pinkish look. Whereas if I wear a plain glass, everything will be clear.

So finally its how you look at things, people, or incidents.

Now to get back to what I intended to write, Supriya in Karmic cycle has commented that ‘Why bad things happen to good people?’

As per our scriptures Ravana, Kauravas and other devils were bad people who troubled the good people and eventually the good suffered for a while before the bad were killed by the good ones.

Yet, the question that good people suffer remains. Suffering is also a concept. We feel someone is suffering whilst actually the person might be clearing his karmas and moving towards enlightenment.

Atma (soul) always existed. No death…no birth…

So if the atma wants to get rid of this cycle of birth and death the atma will have to clear all his accumulated karmas. This takes many lives for most atmas.

Each birth the atma takes a body, tries to resolve the karmas but ends up accumulating more karmas and then another life and another and so on till it reaches a time when it finds a guru to guide and this is when any major prarabhda karmas left have to be lived through so that the atma can seek enlightenment and get moksha.

Ravana was a Brahmin and the greatest worshipper of Lord Shiva. He did what he did because of his karma and eventually death was destined at the hands of Rama after which he would get Moksha.

Everyone is playing a role. Like in a movie, there are villains and heroes. We always love the hero and curse the villain and hope that he is killed or beaten up by the hero. Why is this so? Because in our mind we know that the villain will have to die in the end. We also know that the hero will kill him.

In real life too we wish the same. But movie actors are real. They are just acting, playing a role. It is the same in real life. We are all playing our role. We all have a role to play.

Rama was Vishnu’s avatar. He knew everything. Sita was also Lakshmi’s avatar and the life that they lived as Rama and Sita were roles they played to cut their karmas and also to leave behind a beautiful lesson for all of us. As a couple even today, ages after the story actually happened, people pray to them.

Let us not get caught in deciding what is good or bad and live life as it comes.

This is difficult to achieve but not impossible. Smile through everything and life becomes simpler. Nothing is permanent. Things happen and life moves on. We move on…we learn…we grow…

What is to happen will happen…either we can cry or smile. The choice is ours…


One thought on “Good or bad?

  1. Ya madam, u r true, what is to happen it will happen at any cost, that karma didnt leave Lord Rama & seetha, after all v r common people, will it leave us…??
    U know what after i started communicating to you, my thinking level has reached certain maturity level, feels good on myself. Thanks to you madam:)

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