Mood Swings…

When spirituality pulls you in its beautiful intricate web, you tend to feel like you have entered a maze. In the beginning there are chances that you will feel you are lost somewhere and yet you do not want to find the exit.

Very soon the maze gets simpler and you know the way in and out. This is when you choose to stay in the maze not desiring to exit. It is an experience that all of us must go through at some stage of our life. Earlier the better 🙂

Spirituality connects you to the actual you! But this post was not supposed to be about spirituality as I write about spirituality in the “Spiritual Musings” section.

It has been ages since I wrote about the climate, about my novels and about life in general. Well, I do need to catch up on that on the blog.

Hot hot sultry and dry days with cool windy nights is how I would describe the current Bengaluru climate.
As usual I am not complaining as I love winters. As long as a person can avoid being on the streets between 11 am to 2 pm, he can escape the extra blazing heat of the sun.

My friend Beena called me from Gurgaon to tell me that the temperature there had fallen to 0 degree. Wow!
I told her to chill out and enjoy the chill in the air. I would love to be there in Gurgaon now with her sharing hot cups of masala tea, steaming hot lunch and sizzlers for dinner.

Climates can change our mood. Surprising isn’t it? Walking at mid-noon on the street with the sun helping you acquire a tan you could very well do without would obviously make you feel grumpy. How about being caught in a heavy downpour just before entering the office for an important meeting? And getting stuck in an outdoor function on a chillingly winter night wearing a light cotton dress with no sweater, shawl or even a scarf…

Well, these scenarios have happened in our lives at least once if not repeatedly. But well, that is the tryst of nature. If it were predictable how would life be?’ Boring’ is my predicament.

Now what we could do when the climate rules our moods is to keep a check on our mood. I have found out that playing along with the sun, wind and rain is great fun instead of cursing them for their unexpected changing nature!

How about sipping a cool fresh juice or devouring a double scoop sundae on a hot summer afternoon? Yummy!

For the rain, well there is very little one can do except look for some shelter until the rain subsides or if short of time just get wet and enjoy the cool natural shower! Its fine… Happens with everyone… Let us not blame the rain, ‘coz every drop of rain is precious – what with the great water shortages the country is facing…

About the getting caught in the cool night I would suggest to stick along and enjoy the function. Rub your palms, shiver a little, allow the teeth to chatter and give more attention on the performance. Soon the chill will not affect you much.

Come rain, sun or wind our mood is ours. We can feel happy and excited about the sudden change in weather. It is the unexpected which makes life different. If everything was just the same all the time, life would be boring and just a shallow routine. How about accepting the climate swings, not allowing our mood to swing, unless it is for a better mood swing 🙂

As soon as we accept nature with its idiosyncrasies and variations, we feel as though nature is with us and we rarely experience the harsh effects of the weather.

Finally it is all about acceptance! Oh! Looks like I am entering the maze of spirituality again. Or am I actually in the maze viewing the beautiful world, the changing climates and the wonderful people in it?


2 thoughts on “Mood Swings…

  1. Nice thought madam:), its so optimistic thought, concept of this post what i understood is “Try to enjoy the life under any circumstances”
    ya i agree that , making our own life beautiful is in our hand, whatever ups & downs comes in the life, just chill out

    • Yes Supriya you got it right! external circumstances will keep on changing, just like the climate. If we accept everything that happens like we accept the changing seasons, in a positive manner, the journey of life will not seem difficult.


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