Karmic cycle

This post again is based on Sam’s comment on ‘Questions and Answers’ my previous post.


Until the time we look at God’s outside us we will falter on the spiritual path. Gods, be it Krishna, Rama or whoever we choose are all inside us. By inside us I mean they are there in our basic nature. Sometimes when we do something our elders might say, “just like lord Krishna” or ‘just like lord Rama’. In this they mean to say that the particular element of energy within us is visible.

Krishna, Rama, Jesus all existed in some yuga. Mahishasura and other devils existed too. Point of listening to those tales or reading books on them is to understand that all these people exist within us. Mahishsura is the human ego… the remaining devils also are within us in the form of jealousy, anger, fear, greed etc. Some are dormant while some are active.

The Godly nature is our inherent nature…our basic nature…our true nature. When the devils in us are more prominent the Gods do not surface. That is when our elders tell us that “Look at God, you must be like this God or that God.” That is when we think that God is placed on a pedestal and that we have to become like God or at least try to match up with their good qualities. And that we are humans and it is not easy to be good all the time. Or a silent doubt as to whether we can become better than the Gods…

Many of our elders even after reading the Bhagvad Gita or other purans (scriptures) have failed to understand the actual purport of the same. The sacred books have been read reverently but without understanding the actual meaning. The books have to be read reverently but it is useless if the message that lies hidden is not unveiled.

Over the years there have been many misconceptions and misunderstanding about the scriptures and about God too. We have been made to believe that Gods are super heroes and can never err, which is true. How can good be termed as bad?

Good is God and bad is devil. We have both God and Devil (good and bad) within us. Many a times we perform our duties with perfection. That is when the God in us is awake. The small or big mistakes that we make are the times when the devils are awake. What we have been made to believe was not wrong but the way it was presented or is presented is not correct.

Karma whether it is harmful to others or not is not for us to decide. I will give you a small example:

Amit borrowed 10K from Bimal and died within a month. Now that karma (loan) is pending. Next life Bimal and Amit are born as two different individuals. Bimal extorts 10K from Amit who is a poor shopkeeper. Obviously we feel sad for Amit and get angry on Bimal as he has extorted 10K forcibly.

Here Amit’s karmic debt is finished. The way Bimal finished the karmic debt was incorrect. If Amit is emotionally affected while closing the debt, then the karmic cycle continues. Next birth he will probably steal money from Bimal. A never ending cycle…

Karma is a vicious cycle. It is very difficult to understand whether at any point of time we are finishing a karmic debt or creating a new one.

Solution to this is goodness at all times…Trying to keep the God in us awake and suppressing the devils which wake up once in a while.

Definitely wars have to be averted. But it is not possible without spiritual knowledge and understanding. Mass healing and prayers help a lot as they raise the positive energy vibrations in the universe and thereby dilute the negative vibrations.

We are now in the transition period where we are entering Satyug and leaving Kalyug behind. The earth will rise to a higher dimension and there is bound to be a change in energy vibrations.

Raising one’s vibrations with meditation and satsang (listening to spiritual masters, singing bhajans, playing musical instruments etc.) will help one rise to the higher dimension smoothly.

Let us move on to the higher dimension and help as many people as we can to walk on the spiritual path.

Finally it is no one’s fault. Most people are doing things unknowingly thinking they know everything…thinking that they are doing the right thing. It is their karma. Making others suffer will always rebound and in a bad way too. If not in this lifetime then surely in the next…That is the law…

Let us not think too much about what wrong others are doing as by doing so we will be attracting negative energy which might result in us feeling miserable. If we really want to help we must first change our thinking, our mindset and let go of our bitterness, our anger and then set out to help others. That means we have to awaken the God in us and be good all the time… For this we first need to kill all the demons (anger, hatred, etc.) 🙂

Let us deal with the war inside us and once we are at peace we can see what we can do about the wars in the outside world…

Yes Sam, the way myths and facts about Gods that has been presented to us has to be stopped.

For that, let us change first and then help others change. It is not an easy task. But it could be a beginning…

We could begin with a comma and then erase it to a full stop.


4 thoughts on “Karmic cycle

  1. Hmmmmmmm:)

    Feels good after reading this post, when we think about whatever bad thing happened with us, and still happening with us, here v can find a answer

    “Finally it is no one’s fault. Most people are doing things unknowingly thinking they know everything…thinking that they are doing the right thing. It is their karma. Making others suffer will always rebound and in a bad way too. If not in this lifetime then surely in the next…That is the law”

    “I liked above sentence very much”

    • Thanks Supriya,

      Karma is like a boomerang. You throw something and it will rebound and come back to you. Sometimes it will come immediately ….sometimes it will take a long time…but it will surely come back. So we must be aware of our every thought, emotion, words and action. These are karmas. We think only action and words rebound but it is not so. Thoughts and emotions play a major role in karma.

      So the way out is to think good, feel good and be good all the time! Not so easy, but not impossible either…

      • Madam,

        i have one doubt….?? why only bad happens for good people…?? i mean if v consider Lord Rama, he went to vanavasa, Seetha again Vanavasa, Pandavas also went to vanavasa… But Kaurava, Ravana they were bad, but still no struggle, no punishment,
        y is it so….????

        i know its silly question…:(, but since many days this question is in my mind:)

  2. your question is not at all silly. Its a valid question. basically we need to remember that kauravas were killed by pandavas and ravana was killed by rama. So good always wins and evil always is killed or destroyed by the good. I will write more in detail soon…

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