Questions and Answers

Sam in my last post ‘Play of Life’ has raised some queries. Though I do not consider myself an authority to provide the answers, I have attempted to ease his doubts in this post…

There is no limit to goodness as there is no measure to it. Goodness is just goodness. Why bother to measure something that we can’t…

The Gods are not outside us in Heaven or in some place in space. They all exist right within us. Even the devils!

Whether we are referring to Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva or their avatars, they are all within us. Mahishasura, Shumb Nishumb etc also exist within us.

Gita is about each one of us. Gita is the conversation that took place at Kurukshetra between Arjuna and Krishna. It is a guide to self realization.
The conversation is like an answer bank to all our questions. It is the most sacred and divine knowledge one can acquire to understand the ‘self’

There is one supreme consciousness and the ‘Gods’ as we call them by different names are part of that consciousness, just like we are also a part of the same consciousness.

Difference is that we are all at different stages of self realization.

Our ultimate purpose should be to try to connect or rather become one with the one and only supreme consciousness. During this journey we could transform into better and better individuals.

There is no competition as to whether God is better or humans are better or if humans could become better than Gods. There is only one director and one stage. We play our roles to perfection trying to finish the devils inside us and appeasing the Gods within us.

By trying to defeat the devil inside us we automatically give life to the God inside us. Yes, we can try to be better and better by invoking the God who is within us.

Let us not judge either god or humans. There is much more for us to do. Why waste time in judging anyone? What happened in a different yuga is not for us to comment on.

Based on one’s karmic debt a person thinks or does what he does. We cannot blame anyone. It is his karma and the people affected by that decision have their own karma.

Who is there to accuse you? Do you not yourself know what is right and what is wrong? If you do not want to listen to the voice of God (voice of self) within you there is no one else who can guide you.

We cannot interfere in another person’s karmic account. If there is going to be a war it will happen. No power in the universe can change any human’s karmic account except the human being himself and that too if it is not yet prarabhdha karma (whatever is already happening in our life now). The universe runs on a fine balance of karma. The universal energy or the supreme consciousness is absolutely impartial.

Sam also asked if we could become better than the Gods. There is no reason to limit one self… Let the aim be to become better and better than one’s own self. Let the competition be with the self and not with any advisor or God…

What Mahatma Gandhi did was as per his karma. He chanted God Rama’s name all the time. He believed in the Gita and had his own understanding of the same and has written it too…

The question we need to ask our self is “Am I better than what I was yesterday or last week or last year?” Let us keep the goodness meter with our self and keep on raising it by thinking good of the self and others, by not being judgemental about anyone (even the self) by helping the needy…

Karma is a topic which is very vast. It is something which everyone must understand. There is a lot written on karma and many of the books give one a basic idea of karma and the different types of karmas.

Seeking advice is purely a choice. Once you learn to listen to your inner voice you will have all the answers.

The books we read or the advice we seek from spiritual masters all serve like a guide for us. The final answers lie within us. It is we who have to solve our question paper/write our exam. That is our karma…


2 thoughts on “Questions and Answers

  1. I was expecting something very different when I read the reply to my comment. I agree with a lot of things that you said and it couldn’t have been presented in a better way. The clarity of thought is striking and I can only hope that people assimilate what is written.
    What I am against is the way these have been historically been presented to us. By putting Lord Krishna or Jesus or X or Y or Z…. in a pedestal where in we are forced to look at them as Gods whose deeds can’t be matched we have allowed ourselves the liberty of not trying what the Gods have done. Deeds that Gods have done cant be matched by humans, because Gods are Gods capable of doing only good and we after all are humans can afford an occasional mistake. I am not saying that mistakes shouldn’t be made, but we should be trying to be better what we were yesterday and for doing that we should stop seeing Gods the way we are doing at the moment.
    I know for sure that most of us like to keep seeing God as it has been presented to them because quite it suits us.
    I have read somewhere that when man starts thinking more and more about himself he reaches a stage where he starts to lives in a world where only he exists. He starts seeing everyone else as a competitor and that gives him the reason to do things that are harmful to others. He sees it as his karma. Can Karma be something that is harmful to others?
    His karma is not to harm others but to serve himself the best way he can. By thinking about himself he harms others. He does that sincerely believing that it is his Karma. He never repents what he is doing because he has examples of Gods doing the same. Karma can never be something that is harmful to others.
    As I mentioned in my comment before Mahathma Gandhi believed in Gods, but he knowingly or unknowingly tried to be better than them. His Karma didn’t allow him to kill anyone. I am not saying that all wars are avoidable, but because we base it on the examples of Gods that has become Karma for some. That is a problem inherent with the way facts and myths have been presented to us and that has to change.

    • Sam I agree with you that the way facts and myths have been presented to us has to change. But now that you are on a different journey- a journey where you wish to know more…understand more…you must only believe and follow what you feel is correct.

      Thank you so much for the positive appreciation…

      I have read and re-read your reply. I will write something on that very soon…

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