Play of life…

Life is really strange like Ms Supriya has commented on the post “Do Your Duty”. She wonders why Lord Krishna who is the God supreme himself not able to avert the war.

To understand this we need to understand certain facts of this universe.

Our actions are governed by our Karma.

So what is Karma? Karma is basically an action. Thoughts, words and actions all form part of Karma. There is much in detail to understand about karma and the law of karma. This is one law that is indisputable.

Lord Krishna could not interfere in Arjuna’s or any other person’s Karma. His duty was to advice and guide his dear cousin and good friend Arjuna. Okay, now being God himself, why did he advice Arjuna to fight the battle?

Before the war commenced Lord Krishna tried to avert the war. He met all the concerned people. But the Kauravas were bent on fighting. So the war had to happen. Anyway it was pre-destined. Though the Lord knew this fact, yet he tried his best to stop it before it began.

A kshatriya, however spiritual he is, cannot refuse to fight a battle. The battle was to be fought as it was his dharma. Arjuna could not refuse to fight because he was spiritual.

Partha was an ardent devotee of the Lord and a spiritual person so he became emotional and did not want to fight or kill his own kinsmen.

But by not fighting the battle or rather quitting the battle he would be doing a bigger wrong, an adharma.
Lord Krishna could easily kill the wrong doers, but his role in the battle was to support Arjuna and advice him.

His advice is thus, “Do your duty and do not worry about the results”

So every action that we perform as our duty must be without expectations. Like I have written in “Do your duty”.

When we do our duty without expectation we are sure to get rewards…

To put the whole thing in a simple manner:

The entire universe is a stage. We are all actors. There is one director who conducts the play.

We all have our roles. Our duty is to perform our roles with perfection without getting into the role.

What I mean by that is, suppose you are playing the role of a warrior you have to fight. It is your duty to finish evil.

By not getting into the role what I mean to say is that being a warrior you will kill but you must not derive pleasure or anger or any emotion from that killing. You just have to perform the role in the exact manner…

When an actor forgets his dialogue the director always prompts from backstage. He reminds the actor the exact words to be said.

Similarly, Lord Krishna reminds Arjuna that as a kshatriya who has been called for a battle, he cannot quit. He has to accept the challenge and fight the battle. He must not get involved in the role and think that he is the killer and he will be killing. He is just playing his role, doing his duty…

Spirituality teaches us to forgive. Krishna never told Arjuna to kill with vengeance or fight for revenge. Arjuna had to do what he had to do and that was to fight the battle. It is when we think that someone has hurt us or harmed us that we feel we have the option to forgive. Isn’t it? We must forgive and continue with our duty…

If the Lord wishes he can punish the wrong doers. Lord Krishna can kill all the opponents in the battle with his supreme powers. But that was not the reason for his avatar as Krishna. He too had his own karma.

He had reincarnated as Krishna with a certain purpose and to perform certain actions. He had to do just that…

There is no game, but there is a play, a drama. The Kauravas tricked the Pandavas in a game of dice. Dronacharya did not protest when Draupadi was humiliated in the court. He asked Ekalvya to give him his thumb as Guru Dakshina…

There is good and there is bad…There is the director(God) who is keeping account and balancing our balance sheet of karma…

He is not interfering in our account but at the end of the day he has to balance it – to balance it he has to move some characters on the chess board or on the stage where the play is going on. He at no point derives or seeks pleasure from any negative that happens to anyone in the play.

His duty is to just see that the play runs with accuracy. So he prompts…

What we feel is unfair is actually not so. We must learn to look deeper into the text…into the incident…into the story…

There is a deeper meaning and understanding to each and every thing that is happening around us. Let us not be judgemental. Instead let us keep our mind open so as to absorb more knowledge which the Lord is continuously showering on us through someone or something…

It is always a seeker who gets…So raising doubts, asking questions and listening to answers will
definitely guide the seeker and make his spiritual journey smoother…

You seek…you listen…you get your answer.

That is what Arjuna did. He wanted answers…He asked Krishna and that was how the Gita happened right in the middle of a battlefield…

Will write more detailed explanation of each verse and about the Gita in my future posts.


5 thoughts on “Play of life…

  1. There is a bigger question that keeps on coming. Is there a limit for goodness in this world?
    Will it be a sin if I try to be a better person than Lord Krishna? Am I fixing the Gods as my reference point and not even thinking that something better is even possible. Will it be sin if I try to to better than the Gods?
    Was it possible to react in a different manner if I were in the Lords place? Will I be accused of not believing in Gods even for thinking in that way? Will I be wrong if I think I would have won the war without killing? Will I be hated for even thinking in that way? Cant I be better than them? Will I be a a bad person if I aim to be better than the Gods?

    A person called Mahathma Gandhi fought a war and didn’t kill. He won the war. Was he trying to be better than the Gods? I believe he wasn’t. But his limit to goodness was better than the Lords. He too advised his pandavas during the war. He too tried to talk sense to the Kauravas. He too won the war. He should have been a bad person. He believed in the gods. He didn’t try to be better than them. But he ended up being better. Was he a bad person for being better.

    That leads us to the next question. What is our Karma? Are we limiting ourselves by not aiming to be better that our “advisers”. Who should be advising us? Should I be advised by the Lords or by someone better than the Lords? The Mahatham found his Karma. His karma was to advise. And he turned out to be better than the lords.

    What should be our karma? Should we follow the lords or should be find our own????

  2. Ho ho am very sorry Krishna, i misunderstood u, c Naina madam made me to understand the actual fact 🙂

    ya Naina madam, u r very much right, nobody has a rights to interfere r disturb somebody’s karma, hook r cook everyone has to face the situation as per their karma,
    though lord krishna could do something on this war, he couldn’t, because kaurava’s death was in Paartha’s hand, it was Kaurava’s Karma, and also Paartha’s ,
    Though am not a right person to talk about karma, cause as i have to go into a so much deep to understand about karma…… but i believe in Karma.

    Madam, Pls tell me about Bhishma, i dont know y…?? i feel pitty about him,
    Cause he might have suffered a lot between Kaurava’s & Pandava’s, oneside not able to support Pandava’s, and other side not able to survive with Kaurava’s… y was it so…??
    What made him to suffer like that…?? was there anything hide and seek….???

    • See supriya, at times we so desperately want to change something that’s happening in someone’s life…for their own good…

      Though our intention is good we do not have have a choice. We can pray for them, wish good…thats about it!

      When it is karma we are talking about, it doesn’t matter whether we have a right or not to interfere in others’ karma….’coz even if we have a right we can’t interfere…it is the law and we just have to abide…

      Karma is a very interesting topic. I will first understand the concept myself and as I understand I will start posting it on the blog in parts so it will be easier for readers to comprehend it.

      About Bheeshma, yeah he had to suffer a lot. But again it was all because of his past karmas. Will mail you his story in detail 🙂

      let the questions keep coming …it is only when you ask questions and seek answers or search for answers that you progress in your spiritual journey…

  3. Very true.. god created man.. man found a woman and life started evolving.. who found a woman no one knows. may be tats the reason we respect women so much.
    One should never judge the other we were sent on this planet to discover ourselves and our ability.. we are the pawns and the one above god or a supreme power is the mind. Now on that chess board its on us to decide whether we want to be the queen rook or the knight.. we chose our roles.. hence we end up with a character.. some chose a soldier very unidimensional.. some like the knight cunning and can surprise from nowhere… rook straight forward etc… or the minister/queen.. supreme powerful ..
    Life is a chess game slow and steady..mind is always years ahead.. planning etc.

    Readin this i feel that we should never question our actions once done… past is history … future is mystery .. today is a present .. a gift.
    God gives us the strength but its all in us how we direct it to what extent..
    Live love and let live ……

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