Do your duty…

Chapter 1 – Verses 32-35

Arjuna asks Govinda of what use is the kingdom if for whom he desires the kingdom are standing opposite him on the battlefield ready to fight.

He asks Lord Krishna that if all his relatives (grandfather, son, grandsons ) are ready to give up their life in the battle why he should kill them.

Arjuna knows that if he does not kill them they will definitely kill him. Yet he does not want to fight them even if he were offered the three worlds, let alone this earth. He wonders what pleasure he would derive from killing the sons of Dhrtarastra?

Arjuna does not want to fight the battle as he knows that he will have to kill his own relations. If all his relatives are killed why then does he need a kingdom? Here Arjuna is forgetting that he is fighting to acquire the kingdom which was rightfully his and as a kshatriya he had to have a kingdom to rule.

He is compassionate towards his close relatives and has deep affection for them. He is becoming emotional and forgetting the fact that the fight is for the kingdom and not for his victory. It is not a personal battle but one to be fought for the community at large.

There is a very important aspect that we can understand from the above questions. We must be very clear as to what we are doing and why.
When army men fight a battle, it is for the country and not for their personal happiness or revenge. When we are doing our duty for the country we must never bring our personal emotions in it. When a policeman shoots a criminal it is because he is trying to save the people and it is his duty to do so. If the policeman looks for personal satisfaction in the shooting then the act becomes a killing and not a duty.

We must do our duty with perfection and not look for personal gains in it. When we do something correctly and with a feeling of surrender to the Lord, we will be awarded with more than what we deserve. Whereas if we do anything with an ulterior motive or with the intention of gaining something we will get what we deserve and nothing more.

As soon as we bring our personal gain or happiness in our performance we end up gaining lesser than what otherwise the Lord would shower on us.
Anyway we have to do our duty… we have to do what we have to do. We must not calculate the gains and losses whilst performing our duty. No mother calculates her profit while cooking food for her children and family. She does her duty with love and surrender.

Calculations lead to confusion and a feeling of disheartenment. Also calculating our benefits from our duty means we are looking only for personal benefit. Gains and benefits will come anyway. The more sincere and dedicated we are towards our work, benefits will increase.

Whether the people around notice our commitment or not, the Lord surely does. And our only purpose and aim in life should be to do our duty with complete surrender to the Lord. We have to trust in the Supreme Consciousness who sees everything and rewards us accordingly.

Let us change, make a switch in the way we perform our duty. Let us not look for someone on whom we can thrust our work, our responsibility. Let us take the responsibility accorded to us and perform our duty with utmost precision without looking for the benefits that we might avail from it.

No one can take what is rightfully ours. God, the supreme power will never neglect his devotees. He will take care of those who surrender to him with full faith.

Let us work on changing our concept of work…our concept of duty and leave the rest to the Almighty. He will surely bless us with abundance…


6 thoughts on “Do your duty…

  1. Nice thought Madam,

    Sometimes life is so strange, we dont even dare to think, why am i doing this work..?? sometimes we do a work with lots of expectation.
    Paap Arjuna (paartha) though he knew that kaurava’s always seeking his bad, still paartha seeks good of Kaurava’s
    Though his team was very strong in battle field compare to kaurava’s team, though he knew that victory is ours, though he knew that Kaurava’s are bad, still he had a softcorner towards Kaurava’s, Feels great about Paartha.

    How nice if v also follow Paartha…….:)

    Naina madam Thanks for this Post, i like the way u explain the theme by filling lots of emotions :):)

  2. Hmmm 🙂 Thanks madam,

    As i had a desire to know in very much detail about geeta, i was thinking to join Veda classes (Sunday’s classes), now i dont think so that i have to join,
    Coz i have got a good teacher who can explain me geeta in very much detail, that’s you.

    Thank u so much:)

  3. ya well i always question myself on this topic, Paartha being a ordinary person, he thought about dharma, sathya and all, and he thought should always forgive our enemies,
    but as we call The lord Krishna not even a fraction of time didnt think about dharma, sathya 🙂 upon that he insisted paartha to fight with kaurava’s.

    y is it so madam..?? he could have stopped this war na….??

    and i have heard that Lord krishna lied in the battlefield, saying “SHWETHAGRAJA MARANAM” (Announcing a death of white elephant)and he said one of his sub-ordinate to blow couch the time he said that word, that time Ashwathhama who was at Kaurava’s side, who had deeply involved in war, he heard that “ASWATHAGARAJA MARANAM” and lossed his concentration in the war thinking that my son died.
    here he got confused with couch sound.

    here the lord krishna well played game to disturb opposite person concentration.
    Lord krishna always says “Karmanye vaadikarasthe mapaleshu thada chala”

    But this game..??

    • excellent question supriya … Will consolidate answers in my next post. This verse that u have quoted is in the 2nd chapter and I have to yet read that in detail. Yet will answer your questions in regular posts and not under spiritual musings. will let u know as soon as I post something.

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