Fulfill your duties…

Chapter 1 – verse 30 -31

Arjuna tells Lord Krishna that he is unable to stay on the battlefield as his head is reeling and he can see only misfortune.

He tells the Lord that the outcome of the battle where he will have to kill his own relatives cannot be good. He says he does not desire any victory, kingdom or happiness.

In the above verses it is very clear that Arjuna is confused as fear is reigning supreme in his mind. He is unable to see the truth and can see only misfortune and unhappiness.

He does not understand how he can feel happy after killing his own relatives and acquiring the kingdom.

If we understand Arjuna’s predicament here he is unwilling to kill his relatives. But by doing so he will be not performing his duty as a ksatriya. A Ksatriya needs to have a kingdom and rule as he cannot engage himself in any other occupation. The only way he can get back his kingdom is by fighting with his cousins and relatives. He has to fight the battle and win back his kingdom inherited from his father. But he does not wish to do so and he wishes to go to the forest and live in seclusion.

When the time comes to face the devils residing in us our head will reel and we will start perspiring. The good and the bad are within us as I have mentioned earlier. We have accepted both the God and the Devil and are living with the knowledge that this is the truth and this is existence. When we see the devils living within us fear arises and we do not want to face them. We feel that they are all part of us and killing the devils would not give us any happiness. Deep within we all know what the truth is and what we should do. But given a situation we all falter.

Like Arjuna is forgetting that he is a Ksatriya and must do his duty, we too at certain times feel like leaving everything and running away. When a big problem or situation arises in our life when there is an option to fight or flee we tend to feel that fleeing or escaping from the situation would be an easier option. But it is never so. It is always correct to face the situation whatever it is. Even if we run away from a situation we can never be happy as our conscience will trouble us constantly. We know this and the God inside us guides us to face the situation which we eventually do. Very few run away and regret later for not having done their duty.

It is easy to leave the family and meditate in seclusion without any responsibilities. It is tougher to live with the family, fulfill all obligations and then meditate. But it is the correct way. The journey cannot be completed if we leave any work half done.

The Bhagvad Gita is not only about what happens in the outside world or around us. It is much more than that. It guides us through a deeper journey…the journey of the self.

Why? What? When? And many other questions will arise in our mind. The questions will mean that an answer is being sought. This will lead us to look within and reflect on what is unseen and that is our inner conscience…the consciousness…


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