Look within…

Chapter 1 – verses 24- 26 –

Sanjaya tells Dhrtarastra all that is happening on the battlefield.
Lord Krishna drew up the chariot in the midst of both the armies as desired by Arjuna.
Having done that, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna to see all the Kurus assembled on the battlefield.
Amidst the battlefield Arjuna could see the armies of both parties his grandfathers, teachers, friends, relatives…

In the above verses we can understand that Sanjaya is informing Dhrtarastra about the happenings on the battlefield.
Lord Krishna who is Arjuna’s cousin (Lord Krishna’s father Vasudeva and Arjuna’s mother Kunti are siblings) agrees to be the charioteer and guide him on the battlefield. They both are good friends and Lord Krishna being the Supreme consciousness knows what is transpiring in his best friend’s mind.

He listens to his friend and draws up the chariot amidst both armies. He then asks Arjuna to see the Kurus assembled to fight the battle. Arjuna could see his relatives, teachers, grandfathers, friends and many other cousins all set to fight the battle.

How do we connect these verses to our life? How does one understand the purport and imply it in one’s life?

The Bhagvad Gita has 700 verses. Every verse has a deep meaning and if we look within we will be able to see that the Gita is happening around us all the time. Every incident can be related to some verse in the Gita.

Lord Krishna is our inner voice. He is the God within us. When we are going for an interview, for an exam or any important event we gear ourselves for the battle. The battle is never to defeat others like we logically think. When we write an exam or give an interview we think we have to outperform others and get the first rank or get the job.

But it is not the actual truth. The battle is always with our own self. We always want to be the best not to defeat others but to make sure that we have given or done our best. And Lord Krishna or the God within us knows the turmoil we face inside though we put up a brave front outside.

Our inner voice tells us to check what we are up against. What is it that we are fighting against? We have to fight with our laziness, jealousy, anger and many other negative emotions that rise up within us time and again. We have to stand amidst our own self and look at our emotions… We need to analyze our thoughts and emotions (here the grandfathers, friends, relatives).We have to fight the battle. But before that we have to look within ourselves and see who or what we are fighting against…

We need to take time and introspect on the self…what lies within.

The more we think on this the deeper the meaning…


2 thoughts on “Look within…

  1. The battle is always with our own self. We always want to be the best not to defeat others but to make sure that we have given or done our best. ( i totally agree with this madam)

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