Journey of the self…

Chapter 1 – verses 27 – 29

When Arjuna sees all his relatives assembled on the battlefield he is engulfed with empathy.
Arjuna tells Lord Krishna that seeing his friends and relatives standing before him in full fighting spirit his body is trembling and his mouth is drying.
Arjuna tells the Lord that his hair is standing on end, his skin is burning and his bow ‘Gandiva’ is slipping from his hand.

After Lord Krishna stations the chariot amidst the battlefield Arjuna is shocked to see all his friends and relatives standing before him in full fighting spirit.

His heart is filled with goodness and purity and so he feels compassion for the opposite party as he knows that very soon they will all die. With the Lord on his side he is sure of victory but feels sympathy for all those who will die.

His body trembles, his skin is burning and his hair is standing on end. This does not indicate weakness but instead the compassionate heart of a true devotee of Lord Krishna.

Arjuna’s bow ‘Gandiva’ is slipping from his hand. This shows fear – fear of loss of life. Arjuna fears the loss of lives of many soldiers who are mainly his kith and kin, his friends and teachers.

After the above explanation of the verses, we can now go on to connect this with our own life.

A person who is a true devotee of the Lord will always feel compassion for others. A person who is disconnected with the Supreme and is living a life without understanding or trying to understand the meaning of life just exists. He is born, he lives and he dies. Such a person will not feel compassion when he sees other people’s sufferings. He will be indifferent and will live a material life and not be of much use to the society at large.

The point here is that since we have been given this life we need to understand that there is a purpose and we need to seek the purpose of our life. We must try to connect with the supreme power by seeking a Guru who will guide us on the right path. Once we connect we will be a pure devotee like Arjuna and will feel empathy towards our brethren and everyone in the community.

Arjuna fears the death of his relatives. The thought of all his close ones dying makes his heart ache and his bow slips from his hand.

Fear is always connected to existence. When someone dies we are afraid. We fear death and feel it is our biggest enemy. We cannot escape death and so we have no control over it and this is what causes fear in our mind. This is because we think there is death. We are attached to our body and feel that when the body no longer exists we die. We fear the death of our loved ones, our friends and relatives.

We have to rise above this fear and for this we need to rise above the material concept of life. This will continue as long as we feel we are this body.

We have to look within and only when we embark on this journey we will learn and realize the reason and meaning of our existence…

The Bhagvad Gita is a journey of the self which leads us to self-realization…


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