A word of Appreciation…

Why is appreciating someone a difficult task? Don’t we all love it when someone appreciates or praises us? Why then do we think so much before praising someone?

How many times do words of appreciation choke in our throats never to come out?

Well, in general discussions it becomes very easy to praise some individual especially when that individual is not present.

But when the person is in front of us words disappear in thin air…We want to…we desperately want to say some good words, praise the accomplishment or achievement but we change the topic.

What stops us from praising and appreciating another person?

“She was looking very beautiful today” we come home and tell. Did we tell her on her face “Hey you are looking very beautiful today”?
“She is a nice person” Rather say directly, “You are a very nice person. I like you.”

It is very easy. Also we are being honest!

So easily we say, “You have put on weight” “You don’t look so good today” and so on… Is honesty to the extent of being rude necessary?

“Hey, I heard you did this. That’s very nice. I am proud of you!” “You are looking great” “this outfit suits you a lot” “Heard you passed with flying colours. Keep it up” “Hey, you got promoted. Congrats.”

These are words of appreciation that every person would love to hear from their friends, relatives and their loved ones.

In a true relationship we will always hear something positive and nice.

If you hear negative or ‘no comments’ even after you have managed a great feat in your life then it is time to take the hint and understand who falls in your category of true relationships…

It is always important to be around people who fall in our true relationships category. Avoid the rest. They are not important.

This way we always listen to positive things, speak positively, think good and feel happy all the time…

Make that circle of positive people around – We must all do that – We should take the first step and start saying positive things about everyone. As soon as we receive a positive response we must add the person to our ‘true relationships’ circle.

Appreciate everyone around you (Remember every single person in this world has some good quality. We must learn to look for that quality and of course remember to appreciate that quality!)

Well, you could begin by saying, “That is a nice article Naina” 🙂

I have managed to make a small circle. Am always ready to make a bigger one… Care to join?


6 thoughts on “A word of Appreciation…

  1. Naina its really a very inspiring and positive article… indeed u are a good writer…. and apart from that a very positive personality….. 🙂

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