Battle for peace…


Arjuna seated in the chariot bearing the flag marked with Hanuman took up his bow to shoot his arrows. He asked Lord Krishna to draw the chariot between the two armies so that he could see the ones who desired to fight and with whom he would have to fight the battle…

Lord Rama was supported by Hanuman and here too the flag marked with Hanuman indicates that Arjuna has the support of Hanuman and Lord Rama who is Lord Krishna and thus victory is assured.

Arjuna wanted to see the people (his own cousins and relations) who were all set to fight the battle against him. Though Arjuna knew that with Lord Krishna by his side he was sure to win, he still wanted to assess the strength of the Kauravas.

He did not want to fight and yet was forced to come to the battlefield as Duryodhana was not ready for a peaceful negotiation.

Don’t we all face what Arjuna faced?

There is always a battle going on either outside or within us…

The battle is always between the good and the bad…the God and the devil…

We all know who wins in the end…

We all want peace. For that we may need to fight a battle. Peace is possible when there is no battle or when a battle is won.

The deep unrest that we feel within us will declare war against the peace within us and it is at such times that we need to stand up and fight. Peace has to win over unrest. The battle must be fought.

Arjuna knew that he would have to fight. For being a kshatriya he had to win back his kingdom. He couldn’t run away from his duties.

We all have a duty towards our own self. There are certain karmas we need to perform in order to dissolve our karmic account. We need to remember at all times that every thought, action, emotion and word has to be with the intention of peace.

We must do what we have to do not letting go off our goodness. It is our goodness which is connected to the supreme consciousness, Lord Krishna.

We can succeed, be happy and peaceful only when we are constantly connected to the Lord…


2 thoughts on “Battle for peace…

  1. Why did Pandavas kill Duryodhana.In Dice game Yudhisthir was equally responsible. The greed of throne isn’t a good reason to kill your cousins. On the other hand duryodhan was not that bad,he respected krishna and all the Rishis. Can you provide any reason for his death by hands of pandava?

  2. The good must always finish the bad. ‘Greed of throne’ depicts Duryodhana’s emotion and not Arjuna’s. The throne belonged rightfully to the Pandavas and yet they were ready for peaceful negotiation. Duryodhana and his father wanted it all…Duryodhana might have respected Krishna but the respect was never heartfelt. He did what he did with some benefit / ulterior motive in mind. Yudhisthira has been shown as righteous and one who follows dharma. A person who tolerates injustice is also performing a wrong deed. Injustice must not be tolerated. Duryodhana not only usurped the throne and kingdom of Pandavas but also humiliated their wife Draupadi in front of everyone in the court. Such actions must be condemned and he deserved the punishment he got.

    Do read all the posts under Spiritual Musings category and you will get your answer.

    This was the technical explanation as per the story. Now we take this on an inner level. The five negative vikara inside us – Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Ego are the enemies we need to kill. The positive inside us are the Pandavas and the negatives are the Kauravas. If we need to progress on the spiritual journey we need to finish our negatives. WE cannot say that we will keep little ego, little greed and so on. We need to eliminate the entire negative traits and establish the positive traits in our nature and it is then that we rightfully deserve the throne- the kingdom of God.

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