God or Devil?

In verses 14-19 of chapter 1 –

Lord Krishna and Arjuna stationed on a chariot drawn by white horses, sounded their transcendental conchshells –

King Yudhishthira and all others blew their respective conchshells –

The uproarious sound shattered the hearts of the sons of Dhrtarastra –

Here we need to understand that the uproarious sound of the conchshells brought forth the fear hidden in the hearts of the Kauravas.

Fear of committing a wrong, fear of having behaved unjustly to their own brothers, a moral fear…

The loud sound shook them from within awakening them to the truth of their deeds.

Deep in their heart they knew that with the Supreme Lord Krishna supporting the Pandavas they did not have any chance of winning the battle.

This is true for all of us. The good and the bad both are within us. It is what we choose to feed that grows. Feed the bad and we become bad people – feed the good and we become good people.

The Kauravas chose to feed the bad within them. The good and the bad could also be termed as the god and the devil. We all have both within us.

When we feed the God inside us our behaviour reflects purity and goodness…

The power and strength achieved by making the God inside us stronger is undefeatable.

The Kauravas realised that they had incited the devil within themselves while the Pandavas had incited the God within…

They knew and we all know that good wins over evil.

We have a choice… As humans we know the difference between good and bad.

Each time we commit a mistake or do a wrong deed we know. But most of the times we start building a wall of lies around it to guard that mistake… we give reasons for the wrong and try to justify ourselves for our ill deeds…

Instead we could just admit it and rectify the same. The good within us always reminds us of its existence and shows us our errors- Always-

Do we listen? Do we admit our faults, rectify or at least decide never to do it again?

Do we actually empower the good and suppress the bad within us?

Isn’t it time we looked within and understood the reason behind each of our thoughts, words and actions…


4 thoughts on “God or Devil?

  1. i just thought of searching any new book from Naina madam’s has been launched, good that i saw this blog, i have a desire that to read all 18 Adyaya’s in Bagavadgeetha, but unfortunately i have a sanskrit book, which i dont understand, i always trouble my Granny to explain about geetha, But she couldnt 😦

    Madam feels nice about you, in such a young age you know about geetha:) Please post more Adyaya’s, i ll be keep reading , as am eger to know about geetha

    • thank you so much Supriya. At such a young age when you are ready to read and understand about Gita it is my duty as your elder to guide you in whatever way I can. I was busy finishing my third book. Now I have to patiently wait for publishers approval etc. I will definitely continue writing about the Gita.

      Nice to have young readers like you 🙂

      Do write in case you have a doubt and I will reply in the best possible way I can.


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