Foreword- In Pursuit of Dreams…


Don’t fear to dream, always dare to dream…
And then dare to chase your dream…
If you wish and dream for something it will be yours for sure,
Unless you accept defeat and subdue to circumstances.
Destiny is fixed only till the time you decide to change it.
Once you decide what you want from your life, you can re-write your own destiny…


It was the most beautiful place in the world. He looked at the colourful butterflies as they flitted from flower to flower. He touched a rose which was deep red in colour. There were many other flowers too. He liked the violet flowers the most. It was evening and it was pleasantly cool. He felt at peace here. This was his favourite garden. He sat on the bench and looked around. The green grass, the violet flowers and the roses looked so beautiful. He felt one with nature here. But it was not the place alone that was beautiful…
He saw a couple walking along with their child in tow. The child started running after a green and gold butterfly and he could see the pride and love the parents were feeling as they looked at their child. A warm and happy family… He saw the love in their eyes when they hugged their child. There were many people around him. He could hear laughter and chatter and sense the happiness in the people. He stared at the couple and the young boy. Somewhere in his heart he felt a tug, something…


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