In Pursuit of dreams…

No, it is not the title of my blog post.

It is my debut novel…YES!

Am I happy? Obviously I am…

One fine day I decided that I wanted to write a novel…just a thought…it felt like a dream…something impossible…

But then I decided to pursue my thought…my dream… make it real.

As I started writing I knew that I would make it. And I did…

I pursued my dream of writing a novel…wrote it…and now it is published!

We must pursue our dreams…but to pursue our dream we must first dream!

So dream…think about your dream…soon it will no longer be a dream…it will be a reality!

Believe me…I speak with experience šŸ™‚

More on my book in my next post…

Will post a couple of sample chapters soon…

‘In Pursuit of Dreams’ has been published by Leadstart Publishing…

“In Pursuit of Dreams” is available online on :

Cash on delivery option is available at flipkart.–&_r=RCiHfLJDhH+GhIsySCDRtg–&ref=d125d1ab-a211-4877-a7c7-64fbc834704c


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