A small five letter word. But in reality it means our very existence. To be truthful and to seek the truth…the truth of our existence…and the happiness thereafter…

In the 13th verse, Chapter 1 of the Bhagavad Gita – ‘Conches, drums, trumpets blared forth all at once and the battlefield was surrounded by loud noise’

Everyone on the battlefield blew conches and trumpets and the loud noise declared the onset of the war.

Now, from this verse we can understand that – When an elder of the house raises his voice, rest of the family members follow suit.

It is like as though everyone was waiting for the eldest member to begin.

The truth here is that elders always set an example for the younger generation. It actually matters how a parent conducts himself because that shows in the behaviour of his or her offspring.

When parents say, “Look at my child. He/she is so haughty and has such a bad temper, is so irresponsible and so on and on…”

Take one look at the parent. You will see the very nature hidden or many a times visible in the parent.

The child is innocent. The child is like clay which a parent can mould the way he or she wants. The child learns from and impersonates his/her parents until he reaches a particular age. After which the layers of conditioning make it difficult for the now grown up child to change ways practiced over the years.

It is when a child is in the womb that the training begins. Parents and elders of the house must understand that every thought, word and action of theirs is making impressions on the unborn child in the womb.

The loud noise is the sound within us. If you raise one doubt, one emotion of fear or anger you will find yourself surrounded by many more similar emotions.

When you lose your temper you find yourself saying things which you had never thought of or never meant to say…

One small sound made in anger leads to hundreds of sounds and the resulting noise is inevitably loud.

There is too much noise within us. In fact the noise within us is louder than the noise outside…however loud the noise outside might be.

Close your eyes and peep inside. Try to hear the noise going on inside. It is too loud…

Quieten the sound. Meditate. Reduce the frequency of thoughts that are creating the noise…

Meditate on what the truth is. Meditate on who you are actually. Mediate on the inner self and the sounds will reduce.

It will take some time to reach the state of silence. Probably a long time…

Absolute silence with no noise of thoughts, emotions or experiences…


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