Seek happiness in truth…

I took a break before explaining the 12th verse, Chapter 1 of Bhagavad Gita. That is because in my last post I had written about our inner voice. On contemplation, I realised that the inner voice has a deep understanding of morality and all that is right and wrong. So in effect each of us is right in what we are doing, provided deep inside we do not feel guilty about it. Truth and guilt cannot co-exist…

Each of us is pure, but we need to wash away the negative impressions gathered over the number of lives that we have lived. These negative impressions are dictating our actions and creating our destiny…

Coming to the 12th verse, Bhishma, grandfather of the Kauravas and Pandavas blew his conch shell so loudly that it sounded like the roar of a lion giving Duryodhana immense joy.

In the above verse, we can see the child like behaviour of Duryodhana. Bhishma knows that there is no chance of the Kauravas winning with Krishna supporting the Pandavas. Yet he wants his grandson to know of his indomitable support and out of compassion he blows the conch shell loudly.

Duryodhana is happy to have the great valiant Bhishma on his side. Deep inside he knows that victory is difficult, yet he doesn’t care to listen to his inner voice. He is happy with the external circumstances and feels joy to hear the loud roaring sound of Bhishma’s conch shell.

We are also trapped in the external situations happening around us. It is very rarely that we look inside and talk to our real self.

We take joy in the happenings that we can see and ignore the truth that our inner self reminds us of. We push it behind in the dark recesses of our mind not caring to look at it. The situation outside is favourable and we drown in its ecstasy.

But very soon the truth will surface and then we curse our luck and destiny.

Doesn’t mean that we must not be happy… But be happy from deep within. Be happy with what you believe is the truth and be happy when you conduct yourself as per the instructions of your inner voice. That is the ultimate reality and to experience joy in that is the truth…

We have heard over the years that ‘Truth prevails, truth wins’, ‘Good wins over evil’ …

We have heard it, said it, but probably not believed it entirely. We have doubts. We have many examples in front of us where an evil person has won or gained something. We wonder how God could do this to us. We have questions, we have doubts.

All these doubts are obstructions in our path. We must trust the inner voice, the voice of God, the voice of the atman…

Krishna is God and when God himself is on our side, no person or situation can defeat us. We all know this. God here means the truth, the positive and the goodness.

Let us not like Duryodhana be lost in false pretensions or seek happiness in that.

Let us seek the truth with the help of our inner voice and seek happiness in the truth…

Let us see reality with the eyes of our inner voice…


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